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  1. July Happenings!

    Thursday, July 13, 2023


    I love when I am booked for a number of events in a month’s time.  However, this month of July, it was going to be two poetry readings on one day, making me leave one early and miss the after-party (celebrating an anthology) and then get to the next event late.  Luckily, for whatever reasons, the anthology reading and party has been rescheduled for August 12th.  I feel good about that as now I don’t have to miss any part of either.


    Then I was offered a spot in Aaron Smith’s comedy show on July 29th at 10pm on 117th Street.  Nice.  We haven’t shared a stage in quite a while.  THEN, a lovely woman who produces all kinds of creative events in the Bronx (my home borough), offered me an opportunity to perform in a comedy show on the same night but at 7pm.  She had me in a paid reading a few months ago where I shared memoir and had a great time.  Wonderful hosts and audience.  I like her, wanted the booking, and I agreed to both comedy shows.  So that night, I have a show in the Bronx and one in Manhattan. 


    Not producing any of the above leaves me to fully focus on my material and performance.  There’s something freeing about that.


    So for those of you interested in attending any of the mentioned events:

    ·       Saturday, July 15th, Variety Show, 4-9pm FREE at the 6B Garden, 6th Street and Avenue B.  Many performers of many types.  I’ll be sharing poetry.

    ·        Saturday, July 29th, Comedy Show, 7pm at Bella Notte, 3524 Johnson Avenue, Bronx, NY  (Line-up, cover, minimum, to come…)


    ·        Saturday, July 29th, Comedy Show, 10pm at Comedy in Harlem, 508 East 117th Street.  For more details, click below.

    (Ignore the map since it mistakenly shows 11th Street)


    Hope to see you and hear you laughing!  



    Much love always to CGG-M  ❤ 💛 ❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    July 2023




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    1. The show on 7/29 at Bella Notte is scheduled for 8pm.

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