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    Sunday, June 25, 2023


    My bestie’s mom is turning 101 years lived today.  We are getting together to celebrate.  While it is amazing to be on Earth for that long, the quality of the later years has been challenging.  Her anger at the high prices of everything gives us the impression that she’ll be here a few more years.  She’s a fighter (or as she puts it, “I opened my mouth.”).  I could use a shot of what she has.  Years ago, when she wanted her husband to drive her to her sister’s in NJ and he didn’t feel up to it, she’d say, “I didn’t get married to take the train.” 


    Yeah, I could definitely use some of what she has. 


    People, the “Almost Autumn” Comedy Show on City Island will be on Friday, September 8th at 8pm.  If you need to or like to plan ahead, put it on your calendar now.  The hilarity will be delivered by Lisa Harmon, Debbie Bazza, and Linette Palladino.  It will be a great show.  The weather will still be pleasant.  You can have a beautiful day on City Island and then come to The Artist for comedy and dessert.  There is no minimum, but I think you may be tempted.


    Recently, I got back to what seems like my never-ending decluttering.  I was able to throw out so much paper, and I found lost poems and comedy notes and some of my son’s schoolwork from way back.  So much still awaits me.  Sometimes, I have to get into the head of:  If I were to die tonight, what would I not want anyone to have to go through or even see?  That helps me throw shit out.

    Folks, if you are looking for a unique and unisex gift, or if you’d like this for yourself, contact me.  I can be reached at, and put T-shirts in the subject line.




    Love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    June 2023 

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