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    The comedy show at Bella Notte at the end of July went very well.  Enjoyed performing and watching.  Love that friends drove me there and back.  Plus a woman I met once, and communicated with on Facebook and in email since, just moved to the Bronx and came to the show!  That was such a nice surprise.  Appreciated the feedback I received from audience members and the hosts after the show. 


    This past Saturday was a reading and celebration of an anthology where a couple of my poems are included.  The reading was held at the Riverside Library in Manhattan.  The celebration was in the park.  I got to see people I haven’t seen in quite a while.  Fred Simpson, Jessica Nooney, Janet Restino, Natalie Lardner, and Miriam Stanley were some.  I met the poet Prince McNally in person for the first time.  Loved his vibe. 


    While at the park, besides being lunch for a few mosquitos, I was falling in love with several dogs, but mostly with a large German Shepherd.  His human grandpa (I later learned) was who was with him in the park.  By the third time I saw the pair, and the dog still wanted to meet me, I went over to them.  As soon as the large dog was jumping up and not hearing the human say no, I said, “He’s still a baby, right?”  That’s when I learned he is six months old.  A big, loving baby.  I assured the man I was okay with the dog  jumping on me.  Dog love is so pure.


    I need a dog. 


    Mark your calendars, people.  The “Almost Fall Comedy Show” at The Artist on City Island (249 City Island Avenue) is September 8th at 8pm.  Only $15 cover and NO minimum!  You can even BYOB!  I admit you might be tempted by their menu of light fare (vegetarian-friendly) and the delicious desserts by 

    Jenny’s Sweets.  

    It’s a very welcoming place run by Elliot and Monica Glick. 

    The hilarity will be provided by:

    Lisa Harmon


    Debbie Bazza

    Linette Palladino

    And, of course, me.



    So much love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    August 2023

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