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  1. Something Positive for the New Year

    Saturday, January 12, 2019

    Sometimes I forget the seeds I planted, then suddenly something is 
    happening, and, for a second, I am puzzled.  Then I remember I had initiated the thing.  It feels good.  I feel grateful to my more hopeful self for not giving up.  Then when I get a result during a more gloomy time, it’s such a needed pick-me-up.

    Just when I was not feeling too optimistic, I received an e-mail from New 
    York’s Got Talent.  According to what they said, out of a few hundred stand-up comedy submissions, 32 were selected for Season 6, and I was one of them. 

    With my jaw still hanging, I searched through my ‘sent’ mail to see when I 
    applied.  Apparently I applied in late December on my ex-husband’s birthday.  That is kind of funny since so much of my comedy is about being gratefully divorced. 

    My stomach and heart were getting almost as fluttery as when I made my 
    comedy debut.  I had to remind myself to exhale.  Season 6 will not be on live TV.  It will be before a live audience in Manhattan.  My preliminary performance is on Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm.  If you want to get tickets, they are on sale here:

    If by some chance I get moved along to the semi-finals, that will be the 
    following Wednesday.

    I was glad I had a relatively current video to send when I applied.  It was 
    from one of the times I was in Aaron Smith’s F.U.C. Show at Broadway Comedy Club.  A friend, Lia, from a former job many years back, came to the show with her now grown daughter.  Lia taped my set on her phone.  With the help of her daughter, she got the video to me.  We both needed assistance from the younger generation to manage this feat.  Watching myself, of course, I see how overweight I’ve become and the chin stuff and all that.  I had to watch it many times and pretend I didn’t know me, so I can see it more objectively.  I was fucking funny.  The audience was laughing a lot.  When I watch it, I still laugh.

    And the NYGT team apparently didn’t require me to look like a swimsuit 
    model.  I am feeling excited about this development.  Nervous, but I’ll survive.

    If you want to be in the audience during this competition, get your tickets 

  2. 12 comments:

    1. Joe said...

      So exciting. Have fun with it.

    2. Unknown said...

      Congratulations! how cool and exciting is that!!

    3. Unknown said...

      GREAT - CONGRATULATIONS! Yes, enjoy it - be yourself. And how true and how nice - we plant a seed and forget about it, and . . . voila!

    4. Unknown said...

      Wow...congrats...super happy for u

    5. Unknown said...

      Congratulations!! Hard work pays off :)

    6. Lisa Harmon said...

      Congrats & good luck Mindy!

    7. Unknown said...

      FANTASTIC MINDY!!!!!!! Have fun with it and savor every're right about the seeds, it's good to always keep digging, eventually you find gold

      Much love!!!!

    8. Unknown said...

      the FANTASTIC MINDY!!!!!!!!......FIND GOLD WAS FROM ME, STEVEN, i DCON'T WHY IT SAYS uNKNOWN....damned technology...

    9. Unknown said...

      That's what's up!! I knew you'd be good at this because you kept me laughing, which is not easy to do.. Knock them dead kiddo!!!!

      STAY GOLDEN!!!!

    10. I don't know what's going on with Blogger, but so many of your comments are not identifiable. Steven, thanks for saying that was you. Everyone, include your name in your comment. I love knowing. Thanks for all the good wishes.

    11. venecia said...

      Congratulations, Mindy. That's great. I am glad things are looking up for you. Wish I can be there, but unfortunately have to work. I hope you make it to the semi-finals. Good luck!

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