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  1. Butterscotch & Hot Fudge by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Butterscotch & Hot Fudge

    Have you had an online romance with someone you've never met face to face?  Have you exchanged pleasantries, 
    poetry or hot dirty chat with an avatar?  Does Avatar make your heart beat faster, your palms sweat?  Avatar’s emails make misty your eyes and other body parts?  

    Well, I never!  Well once or twice, alright 6 times.  But romance was not my intention.   I’m a performer, a stand-up comic* and actress; I use to say artist, but even I don’t believe that crap any more.  Anyway, since putting butts in the seats** is how I make a living, I can’t afford to miss an opportunity for audience development.  Dear Reader, look how long it took me to get the three of you to my blog. BTW, would you please leave a comment? This weekly shouting to the universe is a bunch of fun and all, but I can’t keep up with writing the blog AND all the comments.  And while I’m asking you to do stuff for me, until I get my controversial award winning, melancholy yet hilarious web (soon to be network) series, out of the daydreaming stage;  please tell                                                                                                                                               

                                                                            Shonda Rhimes

    Tyler Perry


         Byron Allen 
                                               to give me a break.                                                                
    Whew, that tangent felt good!  Anyway, in hot pursuit of audience, my exchange with an avatar a.k.a. Complete Stranger on Face Book, usually goes something, no exactly like this:  

    Avatar:  Good morning

    Me:  Good morning.

    Avatar:  Your [sic] gorgeous

    Me:   Thank you.  Do you like comedy?

    Avatar:  Yeah, send me a picture

    Me:  Download 1 of the 83 on my Face Book page.

    Avatar:  Send me 1 you signed

    Me:  Come to my show tonight. 

    Avatar:  I’m horney [sic]!

    Me: Bye. (hitting the esc key)

    Not all avatar conversations go like that.  I have heard of long online exchanges resulting in rewarding relationships.  Rewarding until Avatar’s oil rig, import/export, or under cover anti-terrorist work (based in another country) requires a loan of $3,756. 49.  

    Was I surprised?  No, but there is a surprise ending in
    Butterscotch & Hot Fudge

    Butterscotch & Hot Fudge is this funny little play I’m in by Magaly Colimon-Christopher and directed by Fritz Brekeller in the short play series Quickies, at Workshop Theater Company.  Tonight, Fri. and Sat. at 312 West 36th St 4th fl, see Quickies FREE with your reservation!  I have a hilarious ball on stage, all the plays are short and did I mention FREE?  Make your reservation for 8 PM Jan. 10 - 11 or 12 now, right here.  Come see me on stage.  You might win a signed personal item: photo, coffee mug, dental floss.

    *Get a laugh & give a laugh! Click the laugh button under my videos:

    **What the heck is the 21st century equivalent of that phrase?  


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