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  1. some days are like this...

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    On New Year’s Day, I saw a cockroach on my bathroom sink.  I couldn’t squish it. It wasn’t where I could just run the water and send it on its way.  I didn’t want it roaming around my mess, and I certainly didn’t want it populating in my apartment.  So I grabbed a glass candle holder nearby and placed it on top of the roach to trap it.  There was an air bubble, so it didn’t get squished.  I didn’t deal with it at all but remembered not to move the candle.     

    Days later, my best friend visited.  I asked him to deal with the cockroach for me.  He said it moved when he lifted the glass.  He took it with toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet.  Later when I was cleaning the sink, I saw traces of roach poop where the roach had been trapped.  Its last few days were spent trapped and shitting.  At the promise of freedom, it was killed and flushed.

    I felt badly about that.  Killing it when I first saw it would have been the more decent thing to do.

    Yes, I felt badly about that.  Some days are like that for me.


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    1. Unknown said...

      Ah, yes . . . death is tough even for a cockroach.

    2. Canada Anne said...

      I scream when I see a cockroach, then grab the nearest paper or tool and kill it with all my might. I would spray the sink area down with bleach to disinfect. Never trap it again as it will only spread germs. Nasty things they are and they reproduce quickly. They deserve to die.

    3. Spleen said...

      why do they always seem to appear at two in the morning? And the ones that suddenly fly - augh! But I always feel a little bad when I kill a bug - except mosquitoes.

    4. It was the quality of its life that made me feel badly. My problem with killing it is a "girl" problem with disgusting squishy things. I think killing it initially would have been more humane.

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