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    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    I am in a financial crisis, more than the one I normally live in.  Normally I have two jobs to maintain my meager income.  One is more part time than the other and breaks for month-long and longer periods throughout the year without pay.  That 2nd job should be for extras or savings and not needed for basics, but I haven’t reached that point.  At both of these jobs, I teach adults who are returning for their basic skills.  It is very rewarding work for me.  My students and I do well together.  They love that I’m a regular person.  I love that I don’t have to be anything other than myself.

    I’ve had jobs that I disliked, and that feels horrible in every way.  Doing something that feels good to my insides is very important to me.  I walk to my main job, and it’s a short train ride to the 2nd job.  There’s no costly dress code at either.  Many things are good.  However, I typically have to find other work to fill the gaps.
    I have a lot of proofreading experience.  I spent four years working weekend nights at a financial firm as a proofreader (to get rid of ‘marital debt’ before separating); I’ve worked at law firms, an advertising company, a court reporting company, and for various published creative writers on a temporary basis.  I am conscientious and take pride in doing a good job.  So, dear readers, if you or anyone you know needs a proofreader, please contact me.
    Over the years, I have also posed for artists to help fill the financial gaps.  I’ve posed at art schools, private workshops, and for individual artists.  By "artists," I mean those drawing, painting, or sculpting.  As far as photography goes, I’ve done that dressed.  The only exceptions were one woman photography student who needed a nude model specifically for an assignment on shadows and how light hits the body, a videographer who uses moving beams of colored lights on the body, a woman who was photographing breasts for a breast cancer awareness project, and a woman photographer who was working on a specific project that intrigued me.  So as far as photography goes, it’s dressed or on a case by case basis.

    Once again, dear readers, if you or someone you know needs an artist’s model, please contact me.
    I’m also not above clerical work, helping clean out a closet, doing coat check at an event, just ask.
    My 2nd job is starting up again this week, but I have gotten quite backed up on bills and acquired new debt to compound old debt.
    Of course, a paid poetry, comedy, or acting gig would be fantastic. 
    I can be contacted at  Thank you.  I mean that.


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