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  1. The Night Circus by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    The Night Circus

    Spread the sawdust, cue the calliope and open the tent!  Thus begins the basic bread of international spectacle: the circus and its controversy.  I’m not talking about the heart stopping perils of the high-wire or the vociferous debate about performing animals.  I’m talking about the age old disagreement regarding the absolute foundation of the entertainment… CLOWNS!
    Some people use the term as a pejorative.  “You, are so (choose one: stupid, crazy, foolish) - you  clown! “This is serious.  Stop clowning around!”  “Pay her no mind, she’s just a clown!

    There are some poor souls scarred for life from an early childhood experience.  The trauma could have involved an unwieldy seltzer bottle, a surprising cascade of confetti or just a frightening mile-wide smile.  The common denominator, you ask?  In every case a big nose, brightly painted, floppy shoe wearing, overzealous clown.  Clowns you either love them or hate them.

    One ambitious summer I studied clowning. Through no fault fault of the instructor, I failed juggling, unicycle
    riding and whoopee cushion.  I admit my attention was divided, as I was also in a mime intensive at the time. 

                           Okay write your own joke here.  I’ll blog about mimes some other time. 

    Clowns fascinate me.  And tomorrow night, because Mister and Missus Clown (aka Mike Smith Rivera and Kelly Anne Burns) have invited me to perform, I get the honor of mixing it up with a gaggle of clowns in 
    The Night Circus.  

    Join me and a cluster of clowns in a spectacular evening of vaudeville entertainment including the music of Sir Richard Kent Green, the Fool School Academy players* and a dance party after the show!  
    10 PM Saturday January 26, Workshop Theater Company, 312 West 35th St. 4th fl.

    Reserve your ticket here and look for me after the show.  I’m the one with the big feet – really, I'm size 11!

    *Margo HAMBONE Hammond, Missus Cordelia Clown, Claire PEPPERMINT PATSY Patterson, Stephania Diana CURLY BURLY Shramm, Richard Kent CRUMP Green

  2. 4 comments:

    1. sounds like fun. fix the day or date. friday is the 25th.

    2. John Wayne Gacy was a clown.

    3. Anonymous said...

      It's on Sat. the 26th.

    4. RHC said...

      Thank you for catching the typo! You are correct. The show is tonight! come laugh with/at me.

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