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    Monday, January 21, 2013

    My Excuse List for being Tardy for the (Blog) Party This Week:

    1)  I had to read the entire Hunger Games Trilogy.  No.  Really.  I did.  You see, I never considered myself to have any form of OCD, however, when it comes to books, I start and I can't stop.  Especially series of books.  I've had The Hunger Games Trilogy on my Audible account and on Kindle for quite some time, but dared not start them due to my compulsion to read and not stop until I'm finished... no matter how bad (or good) the content (see previous entry about 50 Shades).  Why do I have two copies, you ask (on Kindle and audio)?  Because if I have to stop reading to say, drive, vacuum (hahaha), cook dinner (HA HA!), I simply continue "listening" to a book to avoid unnecessary interruption.  Unfortunately, I had an hour to kill somewhere and I started the first book of The Hunger Games.  Yes.  I'm a little behind the masses.  I know.  But I picked it up and could not stop.  And here I am, in all my Katniss Everdeen glory.  Late with my blog.

    I am The Mocking Jay

    2)  I had to prepare for my youngest son, Ethan's 13th birthday that was scheduled, in my mind, for today.  It's traumatic, you know.  I now have two children who are officially teens.  So I ran to the stores, purchased the array of birthday booty (as in pirate's, not as in "baby got back"), purchased cards, and returned home to bake.  Fortunately, just prior to baking, I asked my sister if she and her kids would like to celebrate Ethan's birthday on Monday with us over pizza and cake and she asked, "Why Monday?"  And I replied, "Because it's his birthday?"  To which she replied, "His birthday is next Saturday."  I thought today was January 26th.  It is not.  Seems I'm very early for my son's 13th birthday, but not with my blentry.

    He is going to be VERY angry IF he finds out about this photo's appearance on my blentry

    3)  Downton Abbey.  Yes, Amy Daulton.  My Sundays are All-Downton-All-The-Time.  For those of you who are fans, you can appreciate my dilemma.  You will also appreciate this:
    A Tumblr Page of Edith with Google Eyes
    Hence, tardy blentry.

    4)  Doing someone else's job in addition to my own.  No, it's not someone I live with, but this project has been all-consuming. Nightmares and all.  I'll leave it at that.  Job trumps blentry.  Unfortunately.

    5)  Surfing Facebook and finding crap like this:
    6)  Watching the last hour of The Casey Anthony Story on Lifetime.  Rob Lowe playing the prosecution cuts paper, covers rock, and apparently beats blentry.  (PS.  I was forced to watch this.  PSS.  I fell asleep)

    7) Rum Chata
    My household received 3 bottles of this from Santa.  It's that good.  Late blentry.

    8) Professional Development Day - I don't need to explain to certain people.
    Charlotte Danielson - apparently, the new face of education.

    9)  The Inauguration / Martin Luther King Day - I was celebrating (with #7 in hand).

    I love them
    I see where Ethan got his inspiration for his "smile style"

    10)  My dog ate my blentry

  2. 6 comments:

    1. I want to talk baby talk to your dog.

    2. Lady Ha Ha said...

      I do ALL THE TIME!! He loves it! -Samantha

    3. Amy said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    4. Amy said...

      Hyperdontia is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. I usually spend too much time watching people pop zits on youtube. Now, I will be searching for more hyperdontia.

    5. lol. Amy, I used to have a supervisor who popped her pimples in front of us regularly. That was just one of her habits I'd like to lose images of. Anyway, if you like that sort of thing, you could've earned money during your viewing pleasure and then it wouldn't be time-wasting. lol yeeechh.

    6. Lady Ha Ha said...

      You and I must be on the same intellectual path

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