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  1. back to the stage

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    I was in a show where I did all right.  We all like to do better than all right.  It wasn't very attended when I was on but got fuller later.  Still, the spirit of the relatively small audience was fun.  I appreciate that.  I like that the bartender listens too.  In rerunning my performance through my head, I realized that I don't say "dick" in a neutral tone.  I say "dick" with a touch of anger.  I’ve been through too much to feel neutral yet.  I even referred to retroactive dick.  My process may seem slow, but it is sincere and usually thorough.

    So when it got to a point where there wasn't laughter where there often is, I asked, "Did I scare you?"  People laughed at that.

    I’m getting braver.  I actually attempted to sing two lines, and I sing terribly.

    Typically when I sing to myself, someone says, "What?"

    "I was singing."


    It sounds so good in my head. Something awful happens between my head and how it comes out of my mouth.  But on the stage recently, I screeched out, "I've been staying away from penii, and penii's been staying away from me-e-e-e."

    Here's to taking chances.


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    1. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Sing, my friend! Sing!- Samantha

    2. Anonymous said...

      Wow that takes guts! That part about asking if you scared them - that's great. When we can pinpoint exactly what's going on and verbalize it, that's comedy gold. Mindy ever since you told me you thought my voice was put on, I mention it in my act and it gets a good laugh. Thanks for that!

    3. wow, Lisa, I did talk with you about your voice only after you called it a handicap, but I don't think I ever thought it was put on. i do think it is great that you address it, and it hits the funny bone. perfecto.

      and thanks for reading my blog.

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