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  1. Thank You By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    At first thought, I was going to talk about the terror reigned on the indigenous people of America,  position it tangentially with the enslavement of my ancestors,

    connect it with the United States’ dominant corporate culture of vulture capitalism and hopefully somehow make it funny.    

    By the time I sat down to the computer I felt gratitude for the computer and the electricity running it. I felt gratitude for the heat, hot water in the humble abode that welcomes me home after exhilarating rants on the comedy stage.

    My heart filled to overflowing when I thought of the unceasing succor of loved ones, friends, family, professional associates and even random strangers.  Yes people I don’t even know have been kind to me.  I’m talking about you who held the door, offered a seat, proffered a smile; thank you.

    Dear Reader** I am so thankful you are in my life.  I could kiss you all over for coming out to see me live* and in color!  I spend most of my time thinking of things to amuse you.  It’s your response that lets me know every occasion I hit the mark.  As we move full throttle into our holiday season know that you are appreciated, cherished and loved; if not by those with whom you share Thanksgiving dinner, at least by me.  

    Dear Reader, as for the decimation of our Native Americans, the enslavement of generations in ongoing racist subjugation, or the relentless greed of the 1%, there’s not much funny about that this Thanksgiving Day.  In fact we have so much work to do, but I am so grateful to have your support and thankful for your laughter as we labor together for a safer saner world.  Thank you.

    *All beautiful lovable three of you!

    ** Yours truly is a “Surprise Female Comic” with the comedy force of nature that is Phyllis Stickney, Sat. Dec. 1st & 8th  8PM & 10PM at The Poets Den, 309 East 108th St. @ 2nd Ave. NYC

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