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  1. I know we all see the world through our own lenses, but sometimes I think it is advisable to see beyond one’s own perspective.  A male friend of mine was excitedly telling me about a time during a camping trip when he was going to get a hand job (as he so eloquently put it), and he couldn’t find some oil or something he wanted to use in the event.  What struck me so funny was how he was talking.  It sounded like a serious emergency.


    He didn’t hear himself and didn’t seem to get what I found so funny.  I tried to explain.

    “You sound like you were frantic looking for your cream or oil or whatever.”

    “Yes!  This was important!”

    “That’s what’s hysterical.  You sound like it was of monumental importance to…”

    “It was!!!”

    “To the world!  Like borders should be sealed, so no one can take off with your hand job cream.”

    “Well she really wanted to give me a hand job.”

    “She wanted to please you.  That’s nice.  She must’ve liked you.”

    “No.  She wanted to give me a hand job.” 

    “Yes but to please you.  That’s the purpose.  And that’s great, but it just is not a national emergency.”       
    “Well it should be.  It’s been a while since a woman wanted to do that to me.”

    “I understand.  Your sense of urgency sounds funny to me.”

    “Well, yeah, she thought it was funny too.”

    “I know how you are when you get one-track-minded about something.  She didn’t know you well.  It must’ve looked hysterical.  I can see you turning that tent upside down to find that damn cream.”

    “Okay, but I still say she wanted to give me a hand job.”

    “Look, I don’t think you were forcing anyone to do anything.  My point is she is doing it to please you, which is nice.  I’m not judging.  But c’mon, giving you a hand job is for your pleasure, not hers.  Does she have a clitoris on her palm?”

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Ha ha ha, great story Mindy.

    2. She So Funny said...

      If that's where the clitoris was located, women would be lotioning their hands all day long. ~S

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