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  1. Krystyna Circa 2005 EXPOSED

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Back in 2005, I embarked on my senior year of high school. I was overly excited and a loser but I was too happy of a person to realize it. Not much has changed. I'm not exactly sure why I liked high school so much, but it was probably because of da bOiZ. All my boyfriends in high school were in college and inappropriately older than me.


    In HS, I only dated guys who were in college because I was either:
    a) A ho
    b) Had daddy issues
    c) Needed them to drive me to my orthodonstist appointments
    d) Wanted their riches

    The answer would be e) I could not relate to the mind of a high school male. Never have and never will. They were too busy getting boners or playing video games or some other thing that I had no interest in.

    ANYWHO. I stumbled accross a little old thing called Xanga. If you never had one, it's basically one of the first social networking sites where tweens every where could reveal too many feelings than they should and make fun of people and post horrible pictures that didn't seem horrible at the time. These are some of the things that I found. Things that I actually typed.. and meant. I honestly can't believe myself.

    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    I applied to Hollister (how ironic of me) and saw the most good looking guy of my entire life. he literally made me weak at the knees.. so new mission for the school year.. get hired and get to know this dude!
    today i learned that all guys think about is sex sex sex. my manager told me everything somehow reminds him of sex and two other guys who worked there said they rate every girl they see as 1) i'd totally do her 2) maybe if i was drunk 3)not if hell froze over. hahah i have to say i had no idea they thought about it that much but its kind of funny.. hey you learn something new every day

    bye summer, you kicked ass.

    Wow so wait--- does this mean that I was part of the Williamsburg hipster movement long before it started? Should I get credit for that? I'm I tooting my own horn a little too much? I'm such an asshole.
    ALright so THIS entry is fucking amazing. My first ever boyfriend, Greg Fisher, who was a college student.. dated me for 1 year. Cheated on me most of that time (duh). My first insane crazy draining hearbreak. And this is what I had to say about it:
    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    being resentfull and having regrets gets a person nowhere in life, you only move forward by trying to forget and move on... however! getting things off your chest does help..
    you, my friend, are the scum of the earth. you are the perfect example of what a horrible pathetic gutless boyfriend should be. you arn't man enough to be truthful, and you're proving yourself to be more and more of an ass hole each girl that you go through. just keep on adding to the list of people who agree with me, you're doing an awesome job so far, really you are !! you have accumulated a record breaking list of people who hold similar opinions. more than feeling betrayed, hurt, and shocked, i feel bad for you.. and i hope that some day in the future you get professional help before you hurt anyone else.

    ^Aw, my feelings were cute. If someone did that to me now, I'd probs still write him an adorable paragraph on my social networking site.
    Here are some embarrassing photos. Well this first one isn't embarrassing, it serves as a means of telling me that I need to take my older self to the gym because WHAT A BOD DAT IS (wuz)
    Ryan Caberara - was and is still in love with him. (shut up)
    This is what I look like when I went to a NASCAR race:
    When I didn't care about food and couldn't smile right:

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      Gosh, will those days when I don't care about food ever return w the outrageous clothes I rocked like a crazy Fashion Institute drop out.

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