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  1. A very short and sweet Friday night entry of spreading comedic joy. I feel like whenever I see a comedian that just blows me away, I need to share it with everyone and the people who havent' heard of him or her should check 'em out.

    Last night I went to see my friend and hilarious comic Jimmy Failla join a group of 6 comedians at Gotham Comedy Club for a live TV taping on AXS TV. Jimmy goes on, completely kills it, then on walks this woman who I've defintinely seen before but never saw her completely own the stage like she did that night. She was a Gilda Radner/Richard Pryor hybrid. A lot of comedy nerds probably know who she is - I didn't but from everyone that talks about her, she should have been famous 20 years ago. Her name is Jessica Kirson and here is her website to check her out:


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    1. She So Funny said...

      Jess is a phenomenal comedian and person! A MUST SEE for everyone! ~ Samantha

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