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    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Marvelous!  Writing this blog and interacting with the other She's has been a fabulous experience so far.  Some of us know each other from performing but a few of us haven't had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face yet.  I had the opportunity to work with a couple of She's (Rhonda, Helene, & former She, Maribeth Mooney) this past Friday night...and to our delightful surprise, Mindy came out to support the show.  We hadn't met Mindy, but I must say, it felt like we were old friends.  Meeting Mindy and working with the other gals just reinforced my feelings about this blog and our work as female comics.  I thinks it's really important to establish supportive connections, especially for women in this business.  Anyway, I left the show feeling very inspired and uplifted by all of the women who I saw.  (Guys at the show, you were awesome, too...except the guy who called me "a piece of shit" in Greek... after my tzatziki underpants joke).

    On another note, it's Monday, and ya wanna know which days better than Mondays?  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

    Now, I hate to be cliche, but I really despise Mondays.  I'm probably the only one in the world who feels this way, I know, but I do.  When I worked in an office, Mondays were tolerable because my desk faced out the window and I had developed a napping system by which I'd balance by head on my left hand, right hand poised on the mouse, important report displayed on the monitor.  Back in the day, I'd be able to get a good 20-30 snooze time in at any given time of the day.  Now.  Not so much.  A classroom full of teenagers doesn't lend itself to napping, what with rules, regulations, and shit like that require teachers to be attentive.  This is my Monday today.   I took the day off on Friday and made the mistake of assigning essays (as test grades) which I am now grading.  In light of my blog last week, I asked the students to write complimenary letters to their favorite companies.  Some random samples: (Letter to Coke)  "And so that they can know drinking pepsi is a sin, and drinking coca cola is good for the soul."  (Letter to Hershey) "I am so addiced to it I even color my room brown and I even have a shirt that said to me Heresy" (To ConAGRA - makers of Slim Jim) "As you can tell, I like the original flavor of the slime jim because eating any pork is against my religion." (To Kelloggs) "pop trats is the best idea for a slight breakfast."  "Dear To Whom it May Concern"

    Does that sound like fun to you?  It's definitely better than being called a piece of shit in Greek.  Shoot.  My students call me that in English (Spanish and Arabic).

    Anyway, I'll get through this here Monday.  I just found out that one of my fabulous students was on Undercover Boss this weekend, so I'll watch it and that should be a nice break from grading those essays during my lunch.  The cool thing about this student is that she's a strong, hilariously funny, hard-working young woman.  For all of the whining that I do about the day job, Mondays, yada, yada... these kids keep me laughing non-stop, and that's what it's all about!  And...

    Yes.  It's a short work-week.  Thanksgiving is upon us.  Enjoy, be thankful, laugh, and if you have some spare time, help me grade some papers (I have wine if it helps to entice you).

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    1. i never liked these things anyway, but after the image of "slime jim," it's a done deal.

      one of the fun things about meeting you and a few of the others is comparing the real life person to the photo. you are quite tall. my grandma would have said in a tone of admiration, "She's got height." you also looked thinner in person than i had imagined.

      i was glad i went to the show. i also am grateful for a shortened work week. but honestly, this holiday makes me sad. it is very family centered and that just comes with lots of stuff for me. i am very grateful my best friend and i will be together.

      i get the feeling that your students must enjoy you at least as much as you enjoy them.

    2. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Oh, Mindy. You had me at "thinner in person!" My mother likes to say, "You're one tall drink-a water!"

      And yes. The students have a lot of fun at my expense. They're also a captive audience. We have fun, that's for sure.

      Enjoy time with your BFF!!

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