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    Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    After all this storming and living without basics for many, I’m trying to get back to funny.  But I’m not one of those comics who can grab a recent crisis and create jokes about it.  My process is different.  Many shitty things don’t make it to funny for me.  Some do, but it is after a long time.  So you don’t have to brace yourself for Sandy humor.  I’ll leave that to those more able to work with that.
    My storm happened on Saturday, the day before Sandy arrived.  It involved someone I love and someone I can’t believe I ever loved.  I’m not really at liberty to be public about certain things.  So as open and revealing as some of you may consider me, I hold back also.  I guess that’s where fiction writing can be useful.  Change the names and let it happen.    
    In terms of Sandy, I was one of the luckier East Coasters.  I went through minor inconvenience compared to so many.  I got days off from work and hung out at home.  I entertained myself with all kinds of things.  Though this is some years old, it still tickles me.  It’s about 3 minutes long.  You’ll laugh, guaranteed.
    One of my New Jersey friends who had planned on voting for Romney changed his mind due to the storm.  He shared that he’d be afraid of someone like Romney in charge during such an event.  I personally hope many NJ folks feel that way.
    There are still some undecided voters.  Chris Rock wants to speak to those people.  Give him 2½ minutes.
    Our Staten Islanders in NYC are quite pissed at Mayor Bloomberg.  They feel they aren’t even on the map to our mayor, and he’s been the mayor for something like 25 years now.  We Bronxites know how that feels. 
    I didn’t see him hugging anyone or distributing blankets or looking very concerned.  Manhattan alone does not a city make.  He probably had received many votes from those Staten Islanders.
    My best friend doesn’t live too far away from me, so we hung out more frequently during the time off.  We do a lot of laughing together.  In a recent conversation, we named a couple of people who seem to get annoyed when they hear laughter, real and deep laughter that one can’t help.  One is a job person who strikes me as uncomfortable when I have people in stitches.  Yet he laughs at times and seems to want some laughter in the atmosphere.  My buddy said, “Yes, appropriate laughter.” 
    “I know.  Like from the throat out.  Heh-heh-heh.  That’s ass-kissing bullshit.  I like laughter from the butthole, from the guts, the chest, squirting out with the breast milk.  The kind that makes your head jolt forward, sends tears down your face, and gas out your ass.  The kind where you beg your friend to stop until you get to the bathroom.” 
    “I know.  There’s nothing like it.”
    “So why do you think that kind of thing bothers some people?  It’s not just [so and so] at the job.  There are many people like that.  My mother had a terrific sense of humor, and some of her sisters I’m sure had a problem with it.”
    “Some people are miserable and don’t want to hear joy since they aren’t having any.”
    “I agree, but [so and so] at the job doesn’t seem like a totally miserable person.  I’m wondering why it bothers someone like him.”
    “Mindy, laughter like we’re talking about must seem out of control to him and people like him, and it makes them uncomfortable.  They live more measured.”
    “They may not go through my financial roller coaster, emotional whirlwinds, and other storms, yet I wouldn’t want to trade places.  I’d miss the capacity for emotional intimacy, excitement, and fun.  I don’t want to be someone else.  I like when I feel fine being me.”
    “That’s enough of a life challenge – feeling fine being ourselves,” my buddy said, “but it’s so worth it.”

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    1. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Thanks for the smiles and the videos, Mindy! It's nice to be connected to the real world again! ~Samantha

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Needed some levity through all this craziness! The video of you is great. You are such a great actress. Enjoy reading your blog. Judgment day is here. I'm sure you will have another great blog on that! Take Care.

    3. I'm afraid to ask, Samantha, how the Nor'easter affected your living circumstances just after you got power and those luxuries. Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog.

      Canada Anne, I really like the photo of you. Thanks for reading and appreciating. Nice to hear from you.

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