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  1. By Rhonda Hansome

    What a week, Halloween, a Super Storm/Hurricane AND a Presidential election?  I’m exhausted just thinking about the devastation, the financial repercussions; and then there’s all that crap in the wake of Hurricane Sandy!  Is it too soon to kid?  I hope not.  It’s my stock in trade, my bag o’ tricks, my kit and caboodle, such as caboodles go…

    This is an up front, straight – no chaser, down-right blatant, offer of high volume, incomparable quality laughs at such an unbelievable (cheap at twice the price) admission; that if the focus of said offer were someone other than myself, I’d be suspicious.  Hmmm, you’re still reading, in that case, and away we go!!!

    Don’t wait! Get your tickets now. You can purchase them online or by calling 866-811-4111.

    Rhonda Hansome Live & In Color

    Saturday, November 10th at 10 pm
    Joanne Filan, Chanelle Futrell, Cara Kilduff, and Marga Gomez
    Saturday, November 17th at 10 pm
    Maribeth Mooney, Amy Beckerman, Corinne Fisher, and Krystyna Hutchinson

    In Stand-Up For Estro
    TBG Theater 312 W. 36th St. 3rd Floor
    NYC, NY 10018 @ 8th & 9th Ave.

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