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  1. I've Got The POWER

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    10 Things I've learned from living without power for 7 days.

    1)  Wet firewood A) Doesn't Burn  B)  Makes the house smoky
    2)  Leaving an unlit burner on causes a house to fill with gas
    3)  One can survive with 6 people, 1 dog, 3 cats, parents next door, and sister's family on the other side for almost 7 days without power before having a nervous breakdown
    4)  Candles can singe eyebrows
    5)  One can survive without TV for about 7 days without power
    6)  One might want to see if they have unlimited data on their smartphones
    7)  Staying away from political websites and news programs for 7 days is not such a bad thing.
    8)  A generator is a good thing
    9)  Clean clothes are overrated
    10)  One should turn the main power source OFF before rewiring one's furnace to the power source.

    Peace, Love, and POWER to the people.

    Now go VOTE!

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    1. You're a soldier. Congrats on getting through your ordeal.

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