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  1. by Helene "Oh My GAWD What Day Is It???" Gresser

    Yes, I am going to thrill you and all that jazz (okay, maybe just make you go "hmmmm. Helene is weird" late tonight with my latest blentry. I've missed a couple Wednesdays, due to my ever-present wacky schedule and procrastination and neuroses. So, check out this site later, after I've met my cousins Jerry and Jack in the City to find bears (the hairy, thick, male kind) and beers and babkas. Yes, they like bears, as do I, and I have not seen them in 13 years or more, and family is most important, as I am so far from all my relatives and need to be reassured that I am still a member of my wacky tribe. You'd love Jerry and Jack. Come join us as we walk the High Line, peruse Eataly, and ogle chest hair and beards in a gay bar somewhere or just hang out in the Village outside The Olive Tree Cafe and watch the parade of kidz and weirdos.

    I love writing for this blog. Sorry I have neglected thee, my dear readers. I am lying before you, supine, and you may whip me with your cat-o-nine-tails. Please?


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    1. I love the food and drink at the Olive Tree. Have a great time. If we don't hear from you tonight, I'll figure you found yourself a bear who knows how to work that cat-of-nine-tails. So then you must email us tomorrow to let us know you are safe.

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