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  1. Penis-Free Era Continues

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    My penis-free era is going strong.  My buddy advised me to find someone good enough and not to talk with them too much because there’d be a good chance the guy will be an asshole, I’ll get turned off, and that will end that.  He always makes me laugh.

    I am admired by those already spoken for.  I wonder if I give off a mistress vibe.  Some of these men had a chance with me when they were free.  But now is when their interest peaks.  Don’t worry, wives.  I didn’t want my husband, and I don’t want yours.  If they were single, a couple may be up for consideration.  But they aren’t.  Then there are some single ones who are just not a good fit though they have some appeal.  On one hand, if they only have some appeal, there’s little danger of getting all involved more than I care to be right now.  On the other hand, I didn’t go all this time penis-free to be with someone who is only somewhat appealing.  Hence, the penis-free era continues.
    Men and women often don’t even speak the same language.

    Our self-images are often distorted.  We aren’t even starting out on equal footing.

    There is a married man I’d like to date IF he were single.  He’s passionate, unafraid, smart, not threatened by intelligent and willful women, and has a wonderful sense of humor.  That would be my man Joe.

    I saw my ex recently as he and our son took the dog out for an afternoon.  I try to do my very best to keep things civil for our son’s sake.

    I find that for some straight men, they are totally defined by not being a woman and not being gay.  It’s ironic because ‘woman’ means ‘not a man,’ yet we don’t spend all day grabbing our tits or checking our ovaries to make sure we didn’t suddenly lose them and become a man while we were distracted.  Maybe it’s the ones I meet, maybe they see me and get overly testosteroney, I don’t know.  In all fairness, I had a woman once falling in love with me and she was like that too.  I must draw them out.  I still have learning and growing to do.  I do know this.

    There was a man who I had some fire with, it seemed, but something was awfully lacking.  He’s a smart person and passionate, yet he seemed to have a gap in his growth regarding the opposite sex.  (I know, I know, some of you are thinking yeah, yeah, what’s the point, they all have that gap.)  This gap was bigger than what I am/was accustomed to.  My ex-husband was sexually compatible with me.  Not humanly compatible, so sex ended, but for the years we had it, it was typically very good for both of us.  (If he ever reads my blogs, no matter how much else I might say, he’d feel very proud that I give him and his dick some credit for their performance.)  Anyway, this guy with the serious gap was only an on-line acquaintance.  So anything sexual was via the written word.  I don’t use a webcam or Skype.  I still like not having to look good to be in my living room.  
    There are some things that were good the way they were.  The first time we spoke on the subject, I was quite displeased.  As time went on and after voicing what I found so distasteful, I thought maybe it was like a bad first time.  Like someone having a premature ejaculation or something.  His mind jumped too fast.  I let a second chance happen.  He began too far down the road.  I asked him to start earlier in the story.  He got defensive, we argued, that ended that.  I thought there was hope for the third and final time.  He knew I had wine and he told me to pour a glass.  I did and let my guard down to some degree, getting all cozy for what I expected to be a good time.  He spent too much time on what I consider silly and it felt uncomfortable and not sexy – names and checking with me if he may call me this and that, names I don’t find fitting or natural.  It felt like he was uncomfortable and worried about offending me.  But he worried about the wrong things.  He went from pet names to insertion.  Whoa.  I said, “You are skipping over everything I might like.”  He told me to pour more wine.  Wine is good, but it isn’t lubrication.  You’d think he’d have read some articles or a book or something, but it felt like he learned from male-made porn films.  In those, we are not real humans.  The first time I watched male-designed porn, I really gagged and I cried.  The second time, I just sat puzzled at how this could turn anyone on.  Basically a woman drives into a gas station, and then she’s having sexual intercourse with the worker or rather he's just doing it to her.  No anything.  Just gets out of the car and his dick is in her.  It was the only sense I could make of his gap.  I tried to work with the guy.  I said cock was not yet welcome.  Many would have picked up on the 'yet.'  It just wasn't going to work.  He’s talking wine, and I’m thinking, “Wine?! I fuckin’ need chloroform!”

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Cloroform! Good one.

    2. RHC said...

      Was your sexual interaction ALL non-visual online?

    3. I like stories, Rhonda. The visuals are we know what each other looks like in decent pictures. But I can't even say there was sexual interaction. There was some yearning, but ...

      Lisa, I do crack up also when I think of the chloroform line. I have to figure out how to make it work on stage without a long build-up, unless in the build-up, I have other jokes. I have to get to your open mic.

      I appreciate the comments.

    4. Spleen said...

      Oh Gurl, do I hear you on the "mistress vibe." And it is a journey to find the right fit and the one who is also emotionally available. Oh yes, indeedy.

    5. Mary said...

      Honest, real, not startling sadly. I get more heat now than I ever did when I was thinner, younger and more attractive. And single. Men are always hunting and the criteria is sexual aura and having a pulse. I am not shopping but have four men that I could move in with, or marry, within a week. Do I feel anything for them? Maybe a little but none of it makes a relationship or even a happy fuck. Well, many one happy fuck as I remain a hopeful character ;) Long may your penis free zone be a loading and unloading zone. It's worth the wait. P.S. I'd have cracked that wine bottle over his bone head. What an idiot!

    6. Helene and Mary, hi. Thanks for spending the time and responding. The comments and meeting readers this way is one of the best parts of doing this. <3

    7. Unknown said...

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