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  1. Spring Break(down)

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    By Samantha DeRose

    I always have high hopes of accomplishing so many important tasks over school breaks, but seldom do I have anything to show for it.  Here's a photo compilation of non-accomplishments that I managed to achieve during last week's break.

    1)  Tinkle for hair.  Never a good decision to cut one's own hair, but despite past failures and better judgment, I purchase the Tinkle Razor Comb ($2 from  I have not attempted to use Tinkle on my hair yet, but when I reach that perfect moment of insanity and do, indeed, Tinkle, I will be sure to create a video for you to watch.  I think I purchased this item primarily to have this conversation:

    You:  You're hair looks great.  How do you get it to look so awesome?
    Me:  Oh, I use Tinkle in my hair.
    Dippity Doo not included.

    2)  And while we're on the subject of hair as Happy Meal prizes...  My sister's kids (who live next door to me...with my sister and brother-in-law) also had Spring Break this week.  My sister called me over to her house to show me the "prize" that my niece receive in her "girl" Happy Meal...

    I'll have the chicken nuggets with hair dipping sauce, please.

    What little girl DOESN'T want greasy, pink hair extensions?

    3)  The Brady Bunch.  I'm addicted to and  Occupational hazard.  On one particularly beautiful day, in a moment of extreme IADD (Internet Attention Deficit Disorder), I sat on my couch and began pondering about how different life would be if the creators of the Brady Bunch had used a thesaurus.

    The Brady Blob, The Brady Blob, That's the way we became the Brady Blob (with Ann B. Davis as Alice)

    4)  Shaming of the Pooch.  No explanation necessary.

    5)  Words with Friends.  This didn't happen on break.  This happened today, on my first day back to work, but for fans of WWF, you can appreciate the joy that was mine when I was able to lay down these tiles...

    Peace out, y'all.  I have to finish dinner, drive a kid to practice, and get ready for Lisa Harmon's virtual open mic.

    PS... Listening to Facebook Suggestions...

    Yeah, I'll have me some Greek Yogurt with a Whisky chaser.

  2. 3 comments:

    1. lol. it was funny except for the girl prize which says: you're 4 at least, so it is time for you to realize the way you look will need some serious alterations. why don't they just give her a toy car like her brother may have gotten which would say: one day you will drive and go places. the pace of change in some areas makes a snail look like an Olympic runner.

      and poor Pooch. he made himself sick. if it's within reach, forget about it. like men and pussy.

    2. Anonymous said...

      Aw poor doggy, now everybody knows his bizness! He meant to do that, ok? lol

    3. RHC said...

      Wow! you hit a funny bone tri-fecta: Perfect moment of insanity, Shaming of the Pooch, Words with Friends

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