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  1. My Cat Makes Me Cry

    Saturday, April 27, 2013

    By Lisa Harmon

    Everyone knows I love animals, and I love my cats, but most people don't know that my older kitty-kat is senile, right? I mean, I didn't make that up, that's what the VET said! Apparently there's nothing wrong with her, except she's losing it. She hollers, all day, all night, and man, is it loud! It is so loud and piercing, it could wake the dead! This has been going on for over five years. I used to feel sorry for new mothers that don't get any sleep for a few months. Now, I think, that must be a cakewalk. Try five years. FIVE YEARS!

    I have become a slave to the feline nation. I get no peace in the daytime, and no sleep at night. I feed my cat eight times a day and wash her dishes all day long. I have litter boxes to scoop and matted fur to untangle. Don't forget nail clipping, ear de-gunking, never-ending floor-sweeping, and of course the other cat, who, believe it or not, sometimes needs attention. Like Monday when she got a nice antibiotic shot for $105.00.

    This morning I spent an hour reading and rereading an email that made no sense. Trying to figure out other people's gibberish while a cat screams at you from across the apartment takes a level of patience and persistence I have yet to (and will never) acquire.

    After I stopped crying, I closed the email and started writing this blog. So, sorry if its a little soggy.

    When you start crying and wondering where it all went wrong, its time to take a vacation. So next month, I'll be out of here, away from my loud cat, and relaxing somewhere where she can't get at me. I can't wait!

    Cayuga through the years.  She's nineteen years old! 


  2. 5 comments:

    1. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Oh my word! The howling!!! I feel your pain!!!

    2. aww. well 19 years is no joke. she's earned her senility. now i get why my buddy thought my dog was maybe going that route after i told him my dog was howling at the computer table when i was arriving home one night. well, ur kitty is lucky to have mommy.

    3. Anonymous said...

      Thank you both for reading & commenting!

    4. RHC said...

      Yikes! 5 years...

    5. RHC said...

      Yikes! 5 years...

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