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  1. ‘Tis the Season

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015

    ‘Tis the Season

    Well it really puts a different spin on things when you learn someone would be glad if you were dead. Suddenly I don’t want to tell the world where I’ll be when.

    The sad part is the person who wrote me such a thing may not realize it, but he’s actually carrying those feelings on behalf of someone else who’d probably indeed be relieved if I were dead, so my side of things would not be heard.  Unfortunately, his way of coping typically is to externalize his problems. So I hear his voice out of others’ mouths.  A painful legacy of sorts for all involved.

    It’s also good to have a couple of cops in my life who care about my safety. They’re keeping a list, checking it twice…

    Two children in the Bronx got a shot mom for Christmas. She had the nerve to recognize her unhappiness and take responsibility for her life. Imagine the disobedience, acting like she owns her own life and has a right to the pursuit of happiness! She let her husband know she wanted a divorce. The next day, with their children in the house, he shot his wife twice. Thank God, she will survive. He was caught in Maryland and is under arrest. Neighbors said he was such a nice and quiet man. They were shocked he had a gun. Everyone seems typically safer from these nice men when they are not the wife or girlfriend.

    That still had a happier ending than the poor rich family in NJ.

    And there was the cop – yeah, the ones we are supposed to call for help -- who shot the mother of their child. She survived. He’s on bail. It’s sickening. He’ll probably have parental rights too like he didn’t try to kill the baby’s mother for Christmas.

    I knew a man who would refer to his girlfriend as “unpredictable” because she didn’t have a curfew (like one gives to children and teens). I knew her too. When she’d go out with friends, she truly didn’t know what time she’d be back. She was grown, self-supporting, and hadn’t lived under parental rules for many years and wasn’t looking to. He’d threaten her with “I don’t know if I can be with such an unpredictable person.” She’d wish he’d leave then and get a doll or an obedient dog. She knew she would feel very bad, but she also knew she’d get over it. In the larger picture of one’s life, it’s not a great loss to lose someone trying to cage you.

    So, people, New Year’s Eve is almost here. Who thinks compression stockings are sexy?

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