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  1. Merry Happy Every Darn Thing

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

     It’s been a time of challenges and surprises somewhat more intense than the normal challenges and surprises of my life. I am not going to share that information here for a variety of reasons.

    I had a decent birthday thanks to two good friends and a nice job. And the former friend, who I missed, wrote to me.

    So, my loyal readers, I wish you a wonderful Christmas if that is what you celebrate. Happy Kwanzaa if that is what you celebrate. Hanukkah has passed. If that’s what you celebrate, hope it was good. I hope Eid was beautiful for those celebrating Eid. I really hope everyone will be safe this New Year’s. Don’t make it your last day when it can be avoided. Take a cab or just sleep where you are. Don’t make drunk decisions. As my friend, Brenda, in 4th grade, said when I called her a chicken for not running across the street against the light, “I’d rather be an alive chicken

    than a dead duck.”      


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    1. fred arcoleo said...

      Live to fight again! Live (and fight, and laugh) on, Mindy. : ) Fred

    2. RHC said...

      More better in all areas for us both

    3. Canada Anne said...

      I'm just reading this now.. Happy New Year! Looking forward to more "Shes so funny " stories in2016

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