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  1. Merry Happy Every Darn Thing

    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

     It’s been a time of challenges and surprises somewhat more intense than the normal challenges and surprises of my life. I am not going to share that information here for a variety of reasons.

    I had a decent birthday thanks to two good friends and a nice job. And the former friend, who I missed, wrote to me.

    So, my loyal readers, I wish you a wonderful Christmas if that is what you celebrate. Happy Kwanzaa if that is what you celebrate. Hanukkah has passed. If that’s what you celebrate, hope it was good. I hope Eid was beautiful for those celebrating Eid. I really hope everyone will be safe this New Year’s. Don’t make it your last day when it can be avoided. Take a cab or just sleep where you are. Don’t make drunk decisions. As my friend, Brenda, in 4th grade, said when I called her a chicken for not running across the street against the light, “I’d rather be an alive chicken

    than a dead duck.”      


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    1. fred arcoleo said...

      Live to fight again! Live (and fight, and laugh) on, Mindy. : ) Fred

    2. More better in all areas for us both

    3. Canada Anne said...

      I'm just reading this now.. Happy New Year! Looking forward to more "Shes so funny " stories in2016

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