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  1. Happy Hanukkah Among Other Things

    Tuesday, December 8, 2015

    Hi loyal readers and newer readers. First, to those who observe, Happy Hanukkah, 2015. Second, I’d like to update you on things I’ve shared in the recent past.

    Acting: I went on that call-back audition, this time reading for the role of a cop. I was reading the sides in the waiting area. It was much less crowded this time since it was only for those returning based on the first audition. The script was originally written for a man to play this part. But instead of changing the pronoun in one line, I left it the way it was. I figured that could be interesting too – if my character were gay. I was trying hard to get into a firm mindset, that of a cop who would say “Get this scum out of here.” That’s a stretch for me. A good stretch. So I believed I had it down pretty well. I went inside.

    They thanked me for coming back. I really feel good around people like that. There were four people staring at me. I asked if they’d like me to play it to anyone in particular. One man said, “Play it to me.” Then one of the women told me she wanted me to do it flirtatiously. That stopped me in my tracks. I thought how is she flirtatious? Then I answered myself. She’s flirtatious like a dominatrix would be, I guess.

    It was an experience. I felt energized from the whole thing – the anxiety, the surprise they tossed me, my effort to achieve it, the whole thing. A couple of days later, I sent them a thank-you. I haven’t heard from them. Oh well. It’s still worth it because each time there is usually something to learn or experience that is new. That makes me better for future auditions. One never knows what the future could hold just for having met them. Their energy was so positive.

    Comedy: I had been given a developmental spot in a pro comedy show which I had shared several blogs ago. That took place on a Sunday night in November. I didn’t have to bring anyone or wait for a long time. All the things I worried about did not happen. The show was hosted by Chris Murphy.  He made me feel very welcome in spite of how difficult my last name can be to pronounce.  I had worried about all kinds of stuff based on stories I’d heard from people who have had bad experiences. The manager was very welcoming too. And one of the first people I saw in the show area was Debbie Bazza, who made me feel good. We hugged. Just seeing someone I know from the Bronx and who has always been positive put me a bit at ease. Then when I shared with her how nervous I felt, she was so surprised. She exclaimed, “You’re nervous!!? Why?! You are hilarious!” Wow. That really helped. Just hearing how someone else sees me really helped.

    I was put on about 35-40 minutes into the show. My set went well. I was so relieved. As I was getting off the stage, a man in the front said, “Good job.” It meant a lot to me.

    Chris Murphy also said, “Good job.” I appreciated that.


    I stayed to watch most of the show (before and after my set). I can’t help but compare myself to the paid “pro” comics. I like my material just fine. I like their comfort and confidence on stage. They maintain the funny for the whole time. They deal with an audience that laughs quietly. There’s always much to learn.

    I will be getting an unpaid break from my evening job for several weeks. Hope I’ll be at the open mics. Hope I’ll be able to afford it.



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    1. Melinda said...

      HAPPY HANUKKAH MY MY FRIEND, may the future be full of love, light and lots of blessings for you!

    2. Canada Anne said...

      that is so good to hear that you are doing these shows and auditions. I miss doing comedy. Debbie Bazza is such a wonderful person. Wish you happy holidays and Happy Birthday!

    3. CA, I didn't know you knew Debbie. I can see you both liking each other.

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