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  1. An Exercise

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015

    As part of my self-discovery journey, I tried to answer “What did you like about him or in what ways did you feel a connection?” 

    ·        He was an artist.

    ·        He was more courteous than not to the public at large.

    ·        He was very intelligent.

    ·        He would take on new learning ventures.

    ·        Affectionate – gave it and received it.

    ·        Considered me the most fair (as in 'just,' not 'light-skinned') person he ever met.

    ·        Thought my perception was keen; often asked for my feedback on his life drawings though I had no art training.

    ·        He thought I had a unique point of view and could write a column.

    ·        If he was awake, he always said yes when I asked him to play a verbal alphabet game to help me get to sleep. It was how my mother helped me fall asleep when I was a child.

    ·        Sexually, we were quite well suited. Even after we parted, he wrote me that I was the best lover he’s ever had. (Really, it is about being well suited together.)

    ·        My cats liked him.

    ·        He’d been an abused child in a culture that didn’t identify it as abuse.

    ·        He claimed he once rescued a butterfly out of a puddle and blew it dry.

    ·        He claimed he was a communist.

    ·        He was often reading or drawing.

    ·        He was very proud of being present during the riots in Puerto Rico in the late 60s.  Showed me pictures.

    ·        He noticed and told me of something that had made my mother feel good and smile.

    ·        Together, we created an amazing baby.

    ·        He loved the sight of breastfeeding, the connection.

    ·        He gave me credit, initially, for standing up to him when it came to the baby. (That is such a mixed thing, and I’m not sure it belongs on this list.)

    ·        He paid for a comedy class as a gift he knew I wanted.
    ·        During a mournful (not regretful, just mournful) part of the              separation for me, he told me to write comedy.

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