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  1. Buy, Buy, Buy? By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Good News:  I made it through Boycott Black Friday and I didn't buy a thing!
    Bad News: I'm just not feeling Black Lives Matter tee- shirts

    for all, at holiday visits with family and friends this year.

    I don't want to be slave to the gross consumerism of the season. 
    Can't fault me for being thrifty when there's no discretionary 

    Know I'm grateful for every audition this past month, but not getting cast in a role 
    means not getting a paycheck. 

    And what's the upside of spending  money you don't have? 

    I know friends & family will go out of their way to gift to me.

    I really should have started my hand crafted gift projects in July 

    Not Tomorrow!!!

    Looks Like It's

    Well here I go!

    Will I at least get some material from angst and charge card shenanigans? I love that word shenanigans! Not so much angst... But I digress, come out and see me hither & yon or follow me on Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

    I want your gift of following, re-tweets, re-posts, likes and hearts. 

    THAT won't cost YOU a cent!

    #NotYourGrandmasComic But #YourCrazyAuntLovesMe

    Rhonda Hansome is an actress, director, storyteller and stand-up. 

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