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    My evening job restarted.  I like my students very much.  But, I’m not a twenty-something or a thirty-something or a … well I’ll leave that there.  So when I’m done with the main job, it is nice to be able to go home. 

    People used to have to work from sun up to sun down. 
    Then many people fought that life, were called “communists,” many were shot dead, many jailed,  many were labor organizers, many were led by the courageous and brilliant Mother Jones,



    and eventually the average American worker worked 8-hour days, 40-hour weeks. 
    One salary supported a family. 

    Evil and Greed fixed that.  Now it takes about two or three salaries to pay a rent along with luxuries like phone, gas, and electricity.

    I am fortunate to have the skills to hold jobs I like and to be someone helpful in the lives of many adult students. 

    (Below is a metaphorical physicalization of how we tend to work together in the classroom.  This was a 2 to 3-minute performance going from seed to blossoming plant for the length of “Keep On Pushin’” which became our song that school year.  I’m in the white pants.) 

    Still, having to hold two jobs sucks. 

    But it beats living with a hostile man. 




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    1. Melinda said...

      Thanks Mindy, yes sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same, but we have to keep on keepin on :>) All the best for you in 2015!!!

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