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  1. As 2014 Comes To a Close...

    Tuesday, December 30, 2014

    My year is ending with me alive and still employed (thank Goodness), my son alive and employed (thank Goodness), my dog doing more okay than not, with a second Divorced Divas of Comedy show in the planning stages, and with this that I have yet to hold in my hands.  A slice of my life is included in here.  It’s a thin slice as we were given strict word limits. 

    The Bronx Memoir Project vol. 1 is available on Nook and Amazon.  The slices in there span generations and cultures, all culminating in the Bronx.  I am proud to be included in it; I would’ve felt regretful if I hadn’t submitted anything.  After struggling with the challenge to keep it short while still giving a sense of my life and feeling very conscious of this being archived Bronx history where I wanted to feel sure I wouldn’t regret my words, I was finally satisfied with my submission.

    On January 1, 2015 at the Nuyorican Poets Café on East 3rd Street,  there’s a spoken word extravaganza that goes from 2pm to midnight and is FREE. Anyone can come for any amount of time.  They appreciate if you donate a paperback for Books Behind Bars.  There’s also a limited open mic throughout the day amongst the 160 scheduled performers (of which I am one).  Each gets 3minutes.  My 3 minutes will be somewhere between 4 and 6pm.  This year, the event is titled, The Shadow of the Geode. 

    Please pass this along to people you know who would like the option to attend such an event to start off 2015.
    Let’s aim to have an enjoyable, sharing, and productive year in all the many ways we each do that. 
    Affectionately, Mindy

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