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  1. Along my comedy journey, I, years ago, saw Andrea Mezvinsky working on her material at Ed Tyll's open mic.  She was an experience, not just a joke-teller.  Whenever I saw her do her thing, I felt like I spent some moments in her shoes.  So it was not really that surprising to have run into her a few years later at an acting audition.  We actually auditioned together for a comedic website's skits, and I played the male character at the audition.  So, for me, it was memorable.  Only been a few times in my life where I was the man. 

    Then some later point on my journey, I auditioned for a variety show where I'd act in skits on stage.  After I auditioned, they asked me to stay in the room where they were seeing people.  A woman came in and did a monologue from the female version of the Odd Couple which I found riveting.  I had once hoped to do the other character (based on Oscar) from that play.  The actress I had planned to do it with was murdered.  So when I saw this woman, Ellen Orchid, do the female Felix character, it all came back to me.  She delivered the monologue so well, and she was so convincing.  We exchanged contact info.  Some time later, I was putting on comedy shows at the 5C Café.  I invited her.  She let me know she is also a stand-up comic, and she expressed interest in being in a show.  Then I found out she is also a playwright and a psychiatrist.  When I had an opening, I booked her.  My co-workers attended that show and enjoyed Ellen's unique mix very much as did I. 

    It is really special when I find a comedy open mic that feels comfortable enough for me to enjoy it and grow.  Some months back, I did, and it is sometimes co-hosted by Judith George, which is how we met.  Whenever she does her thing at the mic, I am laughing.  She has a dance background which sometimes mixes with her comedy, and I love the blend. 

    My Divorced Divas of Comedy idea reared its head about a year ago.  Originally it was three of us.  Then we lost one, and other things happened which left it on the shelf for a while. 

    Over the summer, a former co-worker from a teaching job contacted me telling me about an opportunity to use a theatre.  He knew I did comedy, had once attended a show I was in, and he liked what he heard.  I acknowledged it but didn't act on it right away.  Having two jobs, among other things, consumes a lot of my energy. 

    A while after that, Ellen Orchid, who was part of the original three Divorced Divas of Comedy, contacted me about trying to again do something with this idea.  I realized this was probably the time.  I contacted my former co-worker, and we went from there.  

    Though that isn't the way we became the Brady Bunch, this Friday, December 5, 2014 is our debut as the Divorced Divas of Comedy.  Some of us may be guest Divas or rotating Divas, but this Friday, we are the Divorced Divas of Comedy

    Tickets are inexpensive and need to be purchased in advance through:

    Bring a friend who needs to laugh.  Makes a memorable holiday gift.  You are welcome at 7:15 for mingling, wine, and seating.  Showtime is 8pm. 

    Please, dear readers, share the link to this blog with people you know.  And if you have a moment, feel free to visit and like our Facebook page.

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