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  1.  I saw the news today. 
    I don't think I'll ever get use to death notices on facebook. 

    One minute you're laughing while watching an octopus sexually harass a dolphin and the next moment your heart stops.

    Amy Daulton


    Like the row upon rows of police backs turned to Mayor DeBlasio, my leaving stand-up was an over reaction, but at the time it made sense. 

    Stand-up was an exquisite, challenging, oft fickle lover I'd unceremoniously dumped A decade later, I was trying to wriggle, wrangle and wish a return to her good graces after giving her my back.

    Amy was one of the original 7 here.  Samantha DeRose asked us to be on She So Funny, a new humor site she was launching. In less than a heartbeat I said yes. I was delighted to be the old crone blogging with a bunch of hilarious up-&-comers. I needed to wade in the water of social media which, during my hiatus, had become a tsunamai. Now I'd have 6 pairs of hands to hold. One pair belonged to Amy...


    I came to She So Funny, pining for comedy's touch, her kiss, her rolling thunder. I thought with the heft and wit of 6 other funny women writing here, I might recapture comedy's favor, or at least her ocassional nod of recognition. 

    I'd like to say that Amy and I were fast friends, who hit 6 PM open mics in tandem and guffawed over coffee at my place. But with sadness all I can say is,

            Amy was here. 
                    Young, funny and beautiful.
                                                       Now she's gone.
    And Taylor Negron also...

    We'd be in a few clubs at the same time. I doubt he knew me, but I knew him; an ever present face on screens both large and small, an always unique voice in our comedy wilderness. I can never not laugh at words he carved into my head. 
                        "Area rug"

    Here's his 1 man workshop in story telling:

    Here's my pal Nancy Lombardo in an informal chat with Taylor

    Taylor I miss you already. You and Amy have fun. Tell Joan and Robin I said, hi.

    4 PM Sun. Feb 1, at Don't Tell Mama I'm singing & slinging jokes with Woody Reagan & Ann McCormack Join us!

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    1. Unknown said...

      Thank you for this. I worked with Amy and when we heard the news of her passing on Friday, we were extremely saddened. She livened up the office and was a bright spot on a bleak day. One of the funniest people I have ever known- her energy was amazing and she was always completely inappropriate! She will be missed.

    2. loislane911 said...

      Poignant and Beautiful, Thanks for this!

    3. RHC said...

      Lisa Cardascia,Thank you for giving your time to my thoughts on these souls who've passed on. Amy was an energy force. I know your office will miss her.

    4. RHC said...

      LoisLane911, You are so welcome! Thank you for your your sense of humor and support. xo

    5. I just had such a good time watching the video of Amy. She was in at least 3 shows I had a few years ago. Always a hit.

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