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  1. And Snow It Goes By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 29, 2015

    Some folks are upset that this week, twelve inches or more, snow skirted the city proper. For the sin of a faux forcast many want local meterologists... 
    beheaded; or worse, condemned to a season of continuously unchanging, uneventful weather.

    Why are our governing officials, who took measures to meet the force of the predicted snow stormageddon 2015, being derided for their caution? 
      Face a $300 fine for all non-emergency travel!
    We all know how any natural disaster tests the mettle of an administration. Lack of preparation, in the face of foreknowledge, is asking for retribution at the

                                                                                         next election.

    Yes, I ate all my snow snacks 
      in one sitting 
                                                                                   before the ground 
    was snow kissed... My bad!

    But today all is back to normal and guess what? 
    The weekend forcast  is...
    But they could be wrong.
    So make your reservations now 
    See me singing & slinging jokes

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