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  1. Let Yourself Be Lured

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Producing a show helps me appreciate being in someone else’s show where I only have to concern myself with my performance and some promoting.  Being in someone else’s show helps me appreciate creating my own show where I don’t have to risk a beating to my soul while calling it comedy. 
    After the last show I produced, most things I had been sitting on for the sake of the show came flying out of my mouth.  There had been much trying of my patience, new things to learn, disappointments, wonderfulness, and the unexpected fractured ribs, besides all the work involved.  The show was pretty terrific.  Everybody left smiling, many complimenting, and some asking for the next one.  That was fantastic.  I had to tell the “Diva” I had vented to that I had been venting and nothing I said should be considered a decision.  Days went by, and I tried to see all the challenges as learning opportunities. 

    Now it is 11 days before the next show.  I am thrilled with the line-up: Ellen Orchid, Mindy Matijasevic, Ken Watter, and Rhonda Hansome.  But the to-do list is long (though not as bad as last time since some things are settled now), and the work of getting enough audience remains the hardest part.  Several people who wanted to know about a next show won’t be in NYC on Valentine’s weekend.  Oy.  I’m a worrier.  That’s what I know how to do well.
    So if you care to be my Valentine --  
     -- oops –- I mean

     -- no, that’s a lie --

       -- oops --
                                             –- okay now I’m just trying to lure you --
  -- yeah, that’s what I mean.

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