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  1. When I Need a Quote About My Comedy, I’m Asking Leighann


    One day recently, a man said something to me that he found funny but I didn’t.  I didn’t find it bad or offensive, just not funny.  So after he spoke, I basically said goodnight.  He said, “C’mon, that was blatant humor.”  I again said goodnight.  Then he said, “How is it you do stand-up... having no sense of humor?”
    As God/the Universe tends to do to keep me upright, at the very same moment on Facebook, I was having this conversation.  Leighann Lord had posted this gem: 

    Me:  Great post.  Funny comments.

    LL:   Mindy Matijasevic, I thought of you when I first saw this.  J

    Me:  I'm honored that I came to your mind when you saw this.

    LL:   Are you kidding? Yours is a consistent and persistent voice for female equality and empowerment.  You challenge on all levels basic assumptions about women's sexuality, the power of it, and the right to explore, enjoy, and use it as we see fit. I'm just trying to keep up.

    Me:  Your timing couldn't be more perfect. I mean that. I was just answering some man whose humor I typically don't share -- he asked me how I do stand-up when I have no sense of humor. LOL I was just telling him that not having HIS sense of humor doesn't mean I have no sense of humor. I wonder if he can imagine such a thing. So your comment here was just perfect in terms of making me feel better.

    LL:  Mindy, what the man was trying, and perhaps failing, to say is that your problem is you don't kowtow and defer. If you could just do that everything would be fine. You're just supposed to tuck your face behind your hand, giggle coquettishly and agree.

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Good one, Mindy!

    2. Anonymous said...

      Wow well put. I think Leighann's description of you Mindy is right on. I often think of you as well when I see articles about women's empowerment. Great blog.

    3. RHC said...

      I don't know why, but what comes to mind is, "To lower the number of rapes, women should learn to run faster in high heels!"

    4. Unknown said...

      Wow, that's a rich quote! I'm not quite sure how to take it!

    5. Richard, I don't know which quote you are referring to -- Rhonda's?

      And everyone, thanks for your dedicated readership. I very much look forward to your comments.

    6. (Hiding my face behind my hand and laughing coquettishly.)

    7. Jack Cooper said...

      Am I missing something? Let me put it another way: am I something? (as the nun said to the other nun dressed as the archbishop -- and wanting to preserve gender roles ...)

      Fuck him if he can't tell a joke!

    8. Leighann, I love "still time to make the necessary alterations." Mainly, the timing felt magical which is why I referred to the larger stuff going on (God/the Universe) -- I tend to think God is in charge of timing. Thanks for being part of the wonderfulness of it all.

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