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  1. There is so much I learn and confirm from watching this woman do her thing.  She doesn’t yell.  I like that.  Due to her relationship with people, she can say things and really get across, not just get a laugh in the moment.  She sounds so natural and unrehearsed.  She shows her humanity.  She’s my kind of person. 

    And she’s so funny.


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    1. JerryBFF said...

      Ellen is one of my favorite people.

    2. Mary said...

      She was always relatable and warm with her audiences, especially when she was strictly stand up. She was open and engaging, so people relaxed and listened, no matter what she had to say. Her brother is funny, too, but not as easy to like. Just a few degrees different makes a world of difference.

    3. She So Funny said...

      Yo no soy gay. Great clip. I watched the show the other day and she still makes me laugh out loud! Thanks for posting. I learned a lot of Spanish. ~S

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