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  1. Week In Review

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Steve Fulop

    1.  Jersey City got a new mayor - Steve Fulop.  Will JC suffer another corrupt, drunken mayor?   He swam the Hudson River at some point in his life, so, there is obviously something wrong with his brain.  Anyway, time will tell who he is and I can't wait to see.

    2.  I had 3 interviews and got a day job.

    3.  I took a drug test.

    4.  My dog ate a lot of her shit.

    5.  I discussed "Game of Thrones" with A LOT of people.  I freaking love Khaleesi and her story is the best story line right now.  Her story is always the best story line.

    6.  The new season of  "So you think you can dance" started.

    7.  "Rectify" is/was so freaking awesome.

    8.  I watched a lot of tv.

    9.  I drank a lot of wine.  A lot.

    10.  I took naps and read up on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because NO ONE naps as much as I do.  There must be something wrong with me.

    11.  I pondered my future with Dave Grohl.  That's something that I do on the regular.

    12.  I had a lot of weird dreams and thought I heard a man walking around my apartment saying, "beep beep beep beep beeeeep".  It was just a weird dream.  Or was it????

    13.  Thought about taking drum lessons.

    14.  Watched "Hangover II" and laughed so hard that I spit up.

    Miss Bean.  She loves poop.

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    1. Hey you. You might want to check if you are anemic. There are many things that drain us. I overly nap when I am depressed and if I am avoiding doing something that I either don't like to do or have lots of anxiety even thinking about. Also, a low level infection is draining.

    2. She So Funny said...

      Now I have to watch the Hangover II again while keeping my dog from eating shit out of the cat box. ~S

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