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  1. A No-Budget Weekend with Myself

    Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    A No-Budget Weekend with Myself

    Last weekend, I was busy.  Judged the comedy competition on Friday, attended an all-day teacher conference on Saturday, met my best buddy for breakfast on Sunday, then laundry, etc.  This weekend (5/4-5/5/13) was total freedom in terms of my time but not in terms of going anywhere since being without enough money is a great limiting factor.  However, I can be quite busy at home. 
    I cleaned my rotary phone which was sitting on the floor all dusty and collecting dog and human hair.  I didn’t want to leave it on the floor, so I cleaned a surface to put it
    on.  Then I placed a candle next to the phone.  “Imagine if you continue,” I told myself.   

    I wrote erotica instead.  Pseudonymously, of course.  I have a story that is coherent and approximately 6000 words so far.  Not sure how to end it.  Then I thought that maybe it’s not at the end yet.  I need to sell a novella and collect some royalties.  I’ve sold short stories of this nature for one-time payments.  But I need to get more money.
    I mentioned a host in my last blog that goes by the name of Advocate of Wordz.  He’s a poet, actor, and comic from the Bronx… like me, only younger.  He knows how to deliver a poem.  This gem is called “Fuck You!”
    There’s always Louie to remind me that I’m NOT nuts for keeping my distance from the penile part of the species.

    Though simply because he has the empathy to compare the situation to men dating a half bear half lion, I’d go out with Louie.  He sounds so genuine, I feel like I know him already.  I’d encourage him to work out at the gym.  His body could be that of a big strong man.  I’d try to be inspiring. 
    So this weekend, I kind of just floated from one thing to another with the exception of the dog needing his walks and meals.  It is nice to not be rushing or late to anywhere.  Luxurious to take a shower without a time limit.

    The down side of having no particular schedule or structure for the weekend is I tend to revisit painful times.  If I make some progress, gain some insight, then it was worth it and necessary to heal.  But if it is just to fuck with my own head, I can do without that activity. 
    I watched “Honey” twice on television. Admired her abs; cried and smiled during much of the movie.

    As of Sunday night, the apartment is still not fit for company.  The erotica long story/novella-in-progress still has no ending.  I bought a bottle of wine.
    There were magical moments this weekend as well.



  2. 5 comments:

    1. Unknown said...

      Didn't realize you write "erotica" - cool! We should compare notes! R

    2. Anonymous said...

      Louis CK explaining the obvious to the clueless and getting comedy credit for it.

    3. RHC said...

      Looking forward to your novella.

    4. Richard, I'm too shy to compare notes. The only person who knew my pseudonym was my ex-husband. We were doing it anyway (way back when), so I let him see the stories. Even then, I'd walk out of the room.

      Lisa, when it is us saying the obvious to the clueless, it's been called nagging or bitching or man-hating. So if it means needing to hear it from a man, then I'm happy he's stood up to be that man. Like I wrote, I'd date him. He's smart, and not in the winning Jeopardy way but in being able to talk to a woman way. Unless I'm giving him too much credit. Been guilty of that before.

      Rhonda, even if it sold and was being read, you wouldn't know it was mine. That is a shy area for me, though many will find that hard to believe.

    5. She So Funny said...

      Love Louie! If I wrote erotica about my ex it would only be one sentence long. ~S

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