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  1. My most recent secrets

    Friday, July 27, 2012

    This is me admitting 5 things that I normally would keep secret. Judge away, it's cool.

    1.       I would never sleep with an Asian man. Even if someone paid me a lot of money. They’re the only type of guy I’m not attracted to. (yet the only guys who would never harass me on the street… what does that say about me?)

    2.      My credit is horrible and I freak out about it every day. There is about a 2% possibility that I’m overacting but I’m too scared to check my credit so… I guess I’ll never know.

    3.       Every time I go to buy a greeting card at a drug store,  I ALWAYS end up going through all the emotional cards that are like "Happy Birthday Dad from Your Little Girl" and cry. my. eyes. out. Without fail, any and every cheesey greeting card that is a tad big emotional will make me cry.

    4.       My boyfriend just moved in with me and I’m so excited, but my mind has been over taken by anxiety lately for whatever reason, and I keep starring off into space and imagining him dying in really horrible ways. Like if a burglar came into our apartment when just he was home, and murdered him and I came home from work excited to see him and I find his bloody body parts sprawled over the living room and his head would fall from the ceiling just as I walk in the door. JUST ME?! NO?! ok. Watching too much Breaking Bad I think .   

    5.       I’ve been eating all of my co-worker’s Jenny Craig food the past two weeks. For two reasons: 1, I’m a broke artist and 2, Jenny Craig food is actually freaking delicious. Who knew?

    ALSO! (shameless plug) I was invited to perform at an NBC/FOX showcase show tomorrow night at 6:30PM at Broadway Comedy Club. 212-252-4260 to reserve tix for $10 (otherwise theyr'e $15). The club is located at 318 West 53rd Street between 8th and 9th.


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