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    Friday, July 13, 2012

    Can I just say, the HBO show GIRLS has restored my faith in humanity and television. This topic might be dated to some, but to me, I think about the relevance of the show all the time especially during its hiatus. My life is so much better when I have the weekly half hour of sanity.

    Lena Dunam serves as creator, writer , and lead actress. I know it's not the biggest deal, but my favorite part about her is that she's got a little chub going on and is naked on camera all the fucking time. And is unapologetic about it. She doesn't give a FUCK.

    As a young lass living in a city of models, I am not afraid to admit that every time a skinny stick figure chick with a hot face walks by I get a little sad inside. Not sad because she needs to eat a bagel, sad because if I looked like that, I could make eight times as much money giggling on a beach in a designer bathing suite for a photographer. Fuck that shit.

    I digress...

    I wanted to share this video that my comedy partner, Corinne Fisher, and I made. It's the first of many weekly episode recaps. Together we perform under the name"Sorry About Last Night..." and you can find out more at as well as on twitter @SryAboutLastNyt

    Below is a link to the video. I don't have the file so I can't imbed it. I also don't make any efforts to conceal techincal difficulties. Comedy is TRUTH you guys.

    Til next Friday....

  2. 2 comments:

    1. LOVE the video!
      I also really like Girls. It's nice to see women are now the movers and shakers in entertainment. It's a good time to be alive.
      Well, actually anytime you are alive it's a good day to be honest.

      And it's always great to be a gal! Amirite ladies? Woot woot!(too much?)

    2. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Hysterical video! Thanks for the links!

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