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    Saturday, July 14, 2012

    I LOVE daytime television.  Especially judge shows.  I can name the bailiff on each of the court shows.  Is that a marketable skill?  I think so.  This is the summary of a recent case on Divorce Court:

    Tracey Jones vs. Lachester Jones - Judge Lynn Toler presided.

    Tracey sued her estranged husband, Lachester for 6 months rent ($2460). Lachester asked Tracey for a divorce because Tracey "don't got it no mo". Hence, the couple ended up in Divorce Court. By the way, the couple have one child together.

    When Judge Lynn asked Tracey if she agreed with Lachester about her "having it", Tracey replied "of course I still got it", and paraded in front of the Judge's bench with a shopping bag (a prop that Tracey brought into court to help prove her point). Tracey said, "see Judge? I still got it. This is how I look when I shop". Point Tracey.

    Lachester said that he had to divorce Tracey because "she nag and ain't cute no mo".

    Tracey said that she doesn't nag. She taught him a lot. Like how to wear his pants. She bought him a belt. He was wearing shoe strings in his pants to keep them up. Point Tracey.

    Lachester then stated that Tracey tricked him into marrying her by telling him that she had just won $50K in a sweepstakes and the check was coming. Point Lachester.

    Tracey said that Lachester would leave for 6 months at a time and shack up with other women. So, Tracey cut up all of his clothes and threw them in their front yard. Lachester said the reason why he left was he didn't have a key to his house. Point Tracey and Lachester.

    Lachester's sister, Doris Kimmons, testified on Lachester's defense. She said that Tracey was always on the chat lines looking for "thug boys". Point Lachester.

    By this time, Judge Lynn was tired of all of the foolishness. She awarded Tracey $2050 (5 months rent) and told her to "handle (her) business like (she) can handle her business". Sound advice, if I have ever heard any.

    She then told Lachester, "don't have no babies until you are stable. The last thing that we need is baby mama drama". Well put, Judge Lynn, well put.

    My scoreboard

    Tracey - 3 points
    Lachester - 3 points

    Results: Even though the scored was tied, Tracey presented her case with more finesse.


    I agreed with the judgment.

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    1. Lady Ha Ha said...

      Judge lynne giving sound, sage advice to a couple who clearly ain't got it no mo.

      Thrilling post!

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