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  1. Welcome 2014

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    I am pleased with my New Year's Day plans.  One is a free group workout in the early evening -- a very hopeful way to start 2014.  I really really do want to be a more healthy person and have a strong and toned body.  I am hoping I take the necessary steps.  So when I saw the opportunity, I said yes.  I want to look at my body and feel as proud as she must though I don't need that amount of thigh.  I love the strong mid-section and the arms.

    Then after that I will continue further downtown to the Nuyorican Poets Café where I am scheduled to contribute my 3 minutes of poetry somewhere between 8 and 10pm at an all-day extravaganza of over 170 contributors. 

    Day one of the new year will have no early morning commitments, will involve organized exercise, and will include sharing poetry and listening to the poetry of others.  I want to stay productive.  A friend told me to own the year.
    I was going to list some hopes I have for the new year, but I feel hesitant to make that public.  Not sure why.  So I'll just say I have things to pay more attention to.  Lots of things.
    Readers, friends, sporadic visitors, have a safe New Year's.  May life keep getting better as we keep getting smarter.  

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    1. Mary said...

      To strength. To peace. To joy. To you.

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