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  1. Let's Have a Drink

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013

                     Hello everyone. 
    I'm performing at the Grisly Pear
    on MacDougal Street
    near Bleeker Street in the Village
    on Thursday, December 19th
    The show starts at 8:30
    I don't know who else is in it,
    so if you are so inclined to go on a no cover charge comedy adventure
    and have a drink,
    come have some laughs with me. 
    This is a very busy time at both of my jobs with deadlines and all sorts of festivities.  Then there's everything outside of the jobs.  I find this time of year so overwhelming.  So many demands on time and money.  Then it's so cold.  I find it difficult to endure winter weather. 
    I wish I weren't a cigarette smoker.  I do hope I quit. 
    I found it difficult to keep my mood good this past weekend, but thinking of comedy material helps.  I plan on getting to Lisa Harmon's open mic this Wednesday.  Whether I'm editing old material or coming up with something new, I find myself giggling.  It's good to focus on funny.
    I'm thankful for the gifted who can find the funny even when it isn't obvious to most at first.
    Though that clip cracks me up, I'll likely remember Mandela for his goodness, brilliance, amazing strength, deep conviction, and life's work.
    Photo: Mandela on the emancipation of women.

  2. 4 comments:

    1. RHC said...

      Love the Chris Rock clip

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Have a great gig. That Grisly Pear is a cozy spot in the back. Just watch the fruit flies from landing in your drinks lol. Last time I was there I was battling fruit flies while sitting at that bar. Well it is the West Village. I wish I could be there Mindy but as you know I'm up in Toronto because of circumstances that happened to me earlier in the year.

      I will be back in NYC sometime because there is only so much Rob Ford I can take ;) Miss you and wish you a great gig and Happy Birthday this month. I know its a crazy busy month. I am also working now but its doing collections and even though its not a great job, its a job to get me through for now.

      I have a feeling this Winter we will be in the Deep freeze compared to last year and years before. I know its December but I also know how mild the winters have been. This year its already in the minus a thousand windshield.

      Take Care Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday, and may 2014 be a better year for all.


    3. Anonymous said...

      Thanks for the mention Mindy! I think you'll like our new place - its really intimate and fun. P.S. Maybe Mandela's wife got sick of his skinny ass!

    4. hey folks. thanks for your comments. I don't know the Mandelas personally, but the things I heard made it sound like he was the nicer person of the two. So Lisa, after 27 years of prison, I think one is lucky to come out of there with any size ass at all.

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