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  1. Duh! By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, December 26, 2013

    A while back I threatened to jump ship from She So Funny. 

    I felt frustrated my urging SSF have a group photo, a group stand-up show, a group coffee date, skype, or conference call; never came to fruition.
    I was exasperated we had no funny/sexy, viral meme type SSF merchandise like coffee mugs, sun visors or tampon cases.

    What best-selling digital publication is #1 on the “must have” list of every comedy aficionado?  “SSF Best Post Of [insert year here]" the slam dunk, annual internet comedy sensation, NOT!

    When the fabulous Samantha DeRose asked me to contribute to SSF I was giddy with the rabid zeal of a new social media acolyte.

    In my head twerked visions of a lucrative income stream (split 7 ways) driven by tons of Politically Correct ads and SSF “swag” conveniently available right here at its own "Buy Now" link.

    My mind was overflowing with reveries, of professional fame and internet fortune  

    all fueled by the (expensive) 6 week course indoctrinating me into...
    the 8th ring of Dante’s Inferno, Social Media

    Where is this all going?

    My biggest disillusionment was that my writing and / or my newly acquired social media training left me with a paltry average of 3 comments per post; half of which were written by sister SSF contributors.

    Thank you 

    It only irked me more, that after reading, folks emailed or phoned they love my posts but, for mysterious technical reasons, can't register their comments on this site.  

    Be Advised: 
    In the globally competitive world of blogger recognition 3 or fewer reactions per post does nothing for my Klout score.

    I want to say after my half–baked threat to leave, I’m a pussy,
    because I’m still posting here, a bit erratically of late, however here none the less;   but I bristled at seeing pussy maligned for the sake of a vivid turn of phrase.  

    I’ll just say I’m an empty dangling wrinkled ball sac, harboring grand illusions of my potential because, surprised as anyone, I’m still here.

    Yes, all 3 of you Dear Readers who occasionally write comments may have noticed many other SSF contributors have left with little or no fanfare and I’m still here.

    And thankfully so are you.

    I wish you creativity, contentment and laughter in 2014

    Rhonda Hansome acts (mostly in her mirror), directs talented actors in live presentations and writes (mostly on this site); see her comedy here. 

  2. 7 comments:

    1. This so reminded me of my 9/18/12 entry:

      Glad you are still blogging here. I still think we should have a She So Funny show with whatever bloggers and former bloggers want to be in it. Samantha, are you reading? Do ya still love us?

    2. Anonymous said...

      I Just Can't Get Over This Crap When My Bestie Is The Funniest Black Woman EVER!!!

      And I Do Mean Ms.Rhondie
      This Is - Signing Out

      Rev. Marine Jourdan
      Interfaith Priest / Mediumistic Diva

    3. loislane911 said...

      "I want to say after my half–baked threat to leave, I’m a pussy" I think you've got the right marketing idea. Use the P-word several hundred times in each Blog and Tweet because Pussy Content whether porn or cat centric brings the KLOUT. If beauty, talent, being funny & smart did the trick your score would be through the roof! And I like to believe that it will be. But for now... p....

    4. loislane911 said...

      oh yes, and cat pictures, more cat pictures...

    5. RHC said...

      Scouting cat pix! Luv & miss you.

    6. RHC said...

      Thanks for the firm support. Just figured out to reply from my phone. Takes a while but another social media mystery solved.

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