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  1. Dear Reader,

    Two years ago, in an effort to jump start my return to comedy, 

                            Ha! Who knew I left??!! 

                          said in my Phyllis Diller voice,  

    I took an expensive social media course. Part of that course work required that I establish and or maintain an active presence on numerous social media platforms including a blog.  What a coincidence, you happen to be here at my blog!

    Well two years later, I’m thinking how nice it would be to have the $400.00 and the thousands of woman hours I invested in social media activity while simultaneously shedding every shred and semblance of privacy. Thank you Google for reminding me ALL my communication is subject to scrutiny, surveillance and is not even my own property! Yes, Big Brother is watching, reading, listening and has data files on EVERYTHING!

    So, in an effort to make my life a better place to live,
     I’m issuing a challenge on this blog.

    For better or for worse, jeeze, how those words remind me of my now defunct marriage, for better or for worse; if I don’t garner comments from more than the 3 women who regularly respond to my weekly blog and who, coincidentally also write on this site, I’m cutting it loose. Why not? If you are too busy to read and comment, I've got fish to fry, like...

    I currently have an Indiegogo campaign to kick, shove and push Drama Mamas The Film, my cultural legacy project honoring #BlackWomenTheaterDirectors, to distribution.  With 20 days left in the 60 day sprint to our goal of $52,275, we’ve raised $1,045.  You do the math…

    I’m in the midst of a hostile takeover of my beautiful apartment, the 3rd floor jewel in a brownstone in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy. Yes the ghetto where I was born, raised, fled in horror, returned divorced with head bowed and now can’t afford its increasingly outrageous gentrified rents in the hood.

    I’m Linkedin, tweeting, status updating and blogging my heart out to firm up my slippery footing in the fickle business of show.  The results are in!  This year I’ve had 1 paying acting job and 1 paying stand-up job. 

     Wait one minute while I post that as a status update…

    Damn you go on facebook for a minute and there goes the entire day. 

    Ok, I’m back.  So there you have it Dear Reader.  If right here on this site, I don’t get the comments I need to at least give me the illusion I make a difference here; one day - one Thursday – I just won’t be here.

    I'm not saying when.  I'm just saying it's been really real.

    Rhonda Hansome has social media exhaustion. You can give her encouragement and support here: Drama Mamas TheFilm, @RhondaHansome, Rhonda Hansome Comedy. You can see her whine about her life, I mean see her stand-up, live in NYC: Sept. 9th - the Friars Club, Sept. 17th - Moons Over My Hammy, Nov. 5th - Gotham Comedy Foundation

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    1. ajwiii2 said...

      You just hang in there, Sunshine !!!!

    2. About the fundraising for the film, can you hurry the info to every traditionally black college, organizations for women, African-Americans, and African-American women, CUNY, Theatre departments at CUNY, arts organizations, museums? I don't know if that would help but I assume that with all the people who are employed and doing with their life something that relates to what you are doing ...

    3. Rhonda said...

      That's an excellent suggestion Mindy, thank you. Getting the current and correct name and contact information for the point person in each of the institutions you mention is a research issue for me, but I'll look into that anyway. BTW My associate is working on the previous grant information you sent me. Thank you for being a valued resource.

    4. You're welcome. Good luck.

    5. Anonymous said...

      Rhonda you've got way better stand-up gigs lined up than I do! P.S. This is NOT Lisa Harmon who regularly reads your blog and writes on this site.

    6. Anonymous said...

      J/K but I would really miss your blog.

    7. Rhonda said...

      I gotta luv you gals!

    8. You do "Interesting" and "Amusing" really-I think you should stay. :-)

    9. I was tired. Meant to say "really well!" :-)

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