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    Monday, August 26, 2013

    By Samantha DeRose

    In honor of Women's Equality Week, I did a few typically unorthodox chores (for women) around the homestead.

    As my four-legged son, Nunzio took it upon himself to create his own doggie door (3 years ago) in the sliding door screen, which I had been patching (for 3 years) with packaging tape, I decided that I would finally have the door fixed.

    When I mentioned to a friend that I'd be taking the door to a local hardware store to have it repaired, she promptly told me how she had repaired her own screen door for mere pennies.  

    Not to be one-upped by anyone, I watched a youtube video on repairing screen doors and marched myself to Home Depot to buy the necessary tools to DIM (Do It Myself).

    iPad and iPhone in tow, I managed to capture the entire escapade, shopping extravaganza and repair job, in digital format.

    I had very good intentions of editing the footage for today's blog, but alas, poor planning is everything when it comes to me, and the editing process didn't go as expected.

    Please stay tuned until later this week (Wednesday or Friday) for my very own How-to video.  

    Yes, I was successful*, in case you were wondering, and yes, I have been humming this song for 2 days.

    (*Success does not mean that I did not make a total buffoon out of myself... you'll see)

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    1. "but it's wisdom born of pain" -- love that line. RRrroooaarrrr!!!

    2. RHC said...

      My good intentions need a storage room of their own...

    3. I just saw Rhonda's comment. I relate too well. And just the mention of Nunzio makes me smile.

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