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  1. By Lisa Harmon

    I can't believe that men are ANGRY about the all woman open mic. I keep hearing about one comic or another going on a rant about it. It makes no sense. These people never seemed to care much about sexism when women were on the receiving end. So I'm surprised how sensitive to injustice some of them have suddenly become. Anyway, I have no idea why an all woman open mic would make them ANGRY, but I don't care. I have the sense to keep my mouth shut on issues that don't pertain to me, (for instance raising children) and I wish everyone else did. The truth is we're surrounded by idiots. ANGRY idiots.

    I'm no stranger to the blatant sexism that some people are either too stupid to notice or pretend not to notice. I don't know how they don't see it but I'm pretty sure those are the only two options. To my credit I usually attribute it to their desire to maintain the status quo, because despite their best efforts to prove me wrong, I never can quite believe people are that fucking stupid. Do you want your rights? Yeah, well so do I. You really can't get that? Really?  If they can't see that blatant institutionalized sexism how did they spot it at a tiny little open mic?

    News flash: Its not your business how we decide to live our lives. If we hang out without you that's our choice SO BACK UP. How dare you demand to be a part of every aspect of our existence? Where does your sense of entitlement come from? I don't owe a thing to you or anybody else. I'm free to spend my time in the company of whom I choose. Furthermore, you know NOTHING about being a woman and if you weren't a self-centered block-headed egomaniac you would realize that and stay out of our business. If you overly-entitled lunatics think you can make a demand on me or any other woman (or human being) to spend time with you, you're more deranged than you think. Furthermore, if you were really against sexism, I'm sure I would have heard from you before now.

    And what is your motivation to want to invade our space with your ANGER? Are you really surprised someone went and made this place and it became popular? Are you that stupid or jealous or what? Or are you just a control freak? Do you really think that a hang-out between women is a threat to gender equality? You're a liar. You're lying to yourself. Holding doors for women and letting women be women is not preventing the end of gender inequality.

    Gender inequality has been around for thousand of years. It is institutionalized. It is deliberate and it is malicious. An all woman open mic is a fun activity for women to enjoy a common hobby and each others company. Furthermore, there are always men at the mic. The bartender and barback are both men (when I've been there) and there are no problems with them or the mic patrons.

    For you to compare the inequality experienced by women to an all-woman open mic as the same thing is insulting. You're either a total nitwit or just a sad pathetic loser that wants to control women.

    Either way I hope I NEVER see you at any open mic or anywhere else. You should be ashamed of yourself. If this hurt your feelings, please unfriend me now.

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    1. RHC said...

      I take it you ran into a class 1 a--hole?

    2. Lisa, this was so good. It was authentic, didn't hold back, and I just need to say I'm happy to meet you. Thanks for this blog. Just putting our truth out there makes it less lonely for others.

    3. Anonymous said...

      Rhonda if it was only one it would be more tolerable!!! lol Thanks Mindy!

    4. She So Funny said...

      Sing it, Lisa. Sing! ~Samantha

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