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    Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    When it comes to the need for drama in my life, I am glad when I get it by being in a play.  The role I am cast in is that of an ex-wife and mother of two grown children.  I am fortunate in that I like the play, “When We Met,” the director Lexy Nistico, and the cast.  That’s a pretty good deal.  Now if landlords didn’t need rent in the form of money…

    If an afternoon or evening of short plays sounds like something you’d enjoy, please do get there early to get your tickets.  I am in Festival B.  That is Saturday night or Sunday day.  My friend Richard Ploetz is a playwright and has two pieces in the festival (same as the part I’m in), and he’s acting in one of his short plays. 

    I’ve been lucky recently in getting free photo shoots where we both gain more experience and more photos.  The photographers ranged from student to experienced and normally paid.  Now, this is a rare occurrence, but I was motivated to wear a dress in the last one.

    I felt pretty comfortable with the photographer, Richard Hart, and it shows.  When I’m not, it is so difficult to get natural looking pictures.  If I haven’t driven him nuts in the editing process, we may do another shoot.  And since I looked traditional in this one (ya know, where I could play the Avon lady), I want the next one to be very different… more like where I could play Madonna’s lover. 

    Stay tuned…

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    1. Unknown said...

      I hope I can slip out from backstage to actually see your show instead of just hear it! Break a leg, kiddo! ricardo

    2. She So Funny said...

      Wow! The photos are fabulous and the play sounds amazing. Break a leg! Unemployment leaves me in a bit of a quandary as far as attending/transportation. I'll be there if my numbers hit in the NJ Lottery. Otherwise, I'll be with you in spirit!

    3. Thanks for the good wishes. Samantha, just to be clear, the lace gloves photo is from the internet -- it's not me. But that's the kind of shoot I might aim for.

    4. RHC said...

      Sorry to miss you acting in this while I'm in Ohio performing in the rock musical Date Me Do Me Dump Me. Love the photo! Looking forward to sitting down with you in August!

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