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  1. I’m not angry over the verdict 

    Not Guilty

    in the George Zimmerman murder trial.  

    I expected it and I was not surprised. 

    What did surprise me was, how frightened and intimidated poor George Zimmerman was by Trayvon wearing a hoodie in the rain...

    ... and juror B37 admitted on national TV, that she thought Trayvon was responsible for his own death...

    ...and the jurors agreed that Trayvon had so viciously attacked George...


    with Skittles, 

    that George was justified in using deadly force to defend himself with a hand gun.

    I’m not angry. 
    I'm just saying keep your spirits up and remember to laugh everyday.

    Rhonda Hansome is an actress, writer, stand-up comedian and new film director. Donate here to the Indiegogo campaign for her documentary, Drama Mamas The Filmwhich celebrates 


  2. 4 comments:

    1. It's not over. Vigils in 100 cities calling for federal charges for violating civil rights. Nothing will bring him back, but it isn't being swept under the rug thanks to the real power of the people.

    2. Rhonda said...

      Yes Mindy, it's not over...

    3. She So Funny said...

      I cry for humanity. But you're right, Rhonda & Mindy. It's not over.

    4. Harry Peerce said...

      Just watching Zimmerman in the court room scared out of his pants let all of us know something was wrong. Finding him innocent sadly reminds me of America closing it's eyes to fascism for many years before World War II.

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