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  1. Once Again, Dick Gets in the Way*

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013


    It’s 10pm.  Do you know what your weiner is doing?

    Mr. Weiner, you need a cock sitter

    Someone to keep you off Facebook and Twitter

    If you had a vagina

    They may undermine ya

    But you wouldn’ta been a campaign shitter


    New York City needs a good mayor

    But you were being a cock swayer

    You took your dicky

    Made everything sticky

    Now the city’s future is much grayer


    When you’re in the public eye

    There are things you shouldn’t do

    Jerk off on line and lie

    Just to name two

    We gave you a second chance

    You got another shot

    Again you unzipped your pants

    You’re expecting an awful lot

    If you really were in treatment

    And got a grip on this

    I might reconsider

    In two thousand twenty-six


    Would a Weiner wean whacking his weiner if a Weiner could wean whacking?

    *Truthfully, I feel for him because I don’t think he can help it right now.  He needs to be in treatment not to convince voters of anything but because he wants to understand himself and have control over himself.

  2. 18 comments:

    1. Anonymous said...

      He self-destructed and its too bad, he was good for the people of NY.

    2. I don't know who to vote for yet. I wanted to feel proud of who I cast my ballot for, but that may not happen.

    3. RHC said...

      He's taken our attention from real issues of NY

    4. The more I see, the more I wonder if their dick was always the main issue. Whatever else got done was somehow worked around that.

    5. She So Funny said...

      Most amusing, Mindy. Too bad the guy couldn't keep it in his pants... It's a power thing with these people who do this over & over again... and there's the thrill of the risk of being caught. What a shame. ~S

    6. I'm glad it amused. Thanks, CA and Samantha.

      Yes, it seems like an addiction which I do have empathy for. I understand the shame and helplessness. I don't relate to the part where he can still campaign for mayor. I'd be so embarrassed.

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