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  1. US History 101

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    By Samantha DeRose

    Conversations with a Significant Other Who is not From this Country, Part 1:

    Non-Native-Born-American:  Hey, I just read an article about that Lincoln chap.

    Native-Born-American:  Huh?

    NNBA: That Abraham Lincoln chap.  Seems he was a bit of an ahhsshole.

    NBA:  WHAT?!?!

    NNBA:  Yes.  I just read an interview with Daniel Day Lewis who played him in the movie.  He said he was an ahhsshole and deserved what he got.

    NBA:  Um, I've read quite a few biographies on Lincoln and I've never heard anything like that.

    NNBA:  Well, that's not what it says in this ah-ticle.

    NBA:  Give me that.  What are you reading?  YOU'RE READING THE ONION.  YOU REALIZE THIS IS A FAKE NEWS WEBSITE?

    NNBA:  So he wasn't an ahhsshole?

    NBA:  Do we have anything stronger than wine?

  2. 3 comments:

    1. lolol love these slices of life. you spell accents very well.

    2. RHC said...

      If it's in the paper it must be true!

    3. Anonymous said...

      Ah-ticle! Hilarious!

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